Oculus Rift Update 2016 w27

For some time people have debated the accuracy of the hype around the Oculus Rift. Now as competitors enter the market there is; hype, spin, rumors, and lies about the various Virtual Reality (VR) Head Mounted Displays (HMD).

LinusTechTips provides a video to give people a sense of what the facts are.

It appears HTC Vive is taking a lead. But, there may be more Google Cardboard mashups in use than all the other HMD’s combines. Vive ≈ 100k, Oculus ≈ hidden, Samsung Gear ≈ hidden. When companies hide their sales figures it usually means they are not meeting expectations.

Projections are Samsung will be the top seller, Oculus the second best, and Vive the third best.

Google Cardboard is reported to have 57% of all VR headset sales. (Reference) Samsung has 31%, Playstation 9%, and all others combined 3%. Oculus doesn’t even show.

So, do you think it is a good idea that the Lab is focused on supporting Oculus? Or… are they supporting the one device that is least likely to be used with Second Life™?

I’ve already said I’m waiting. I’m spending my money on a new computer. Then my first HMD is likely to be Cardboard or Samsung Gear… if we don’t count my trying VR with my S5, which was limited to one app a demo.

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