Second Life Bits and Bites… 2019 w11-12

Yes… bites as in small consumable chunks.

SL as a RL Dating Site?

Seems some think so. Here I was thinking it a meat market for kinky hookups. But, in various places, Second Life™ is promoted as more than a meeting point for quick hook ups… it’s for LOVE!

See the article Linden Lab™ Has Built 3D Virtual Worlds Where Singles Can Explore & Foster Real-Life Relationships (3/14). It is interesting, including some history and a positive take on SL. Yay!

I am curious to find out what people coming into SL after reading the article think of SL…

Star Citizen gets Females

Star Citizen is an EVE Online type game currently/still in development. Expensive to play as players are paying for game development. Visually it is pretty awesome looking.

Google+ To Close

Google+ closes the end of this month, March. Everyone writing about it is encouraging people to SAVE THERE Google+ CONTENT… What!?! WHY? Who puts content on social networks that they want to save?

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