Second Life Bits – 2019 w09

This is stuff I found interesting as I poked around the Second Life™ blogosphere.

Fantasy Faire 2019 – Yes, it is coming. The theme is “Builders of Hope!” April 18 to May 5. The official, I guess official, website where you can get a taxi, as of 4/18, is Fantasy Faire 2019.

Word is this year’s far will be open 18 days. Previous events lasted 11 days. There will 16 regions. So, lots to explore and time to do it.

For more details and contact points see Caitlin’s blog article Fantasy Faire 2019: Builders of Hope.



Raglan Shire Talent Show – This was a 2018 event. The edited video of the show came out in December 2018. Second Life Newser just published a piece on it, Raglan Shire Talent Show 2018.

I bring it up because it is just the cutest SL thing I’ve seen in some time. So, jump over and watch the 15-minute video. As Newser points out, the video is NOT the whole show. It is, however, about all I can take without going diabetic.

Adult NSFW – Heaven & Hell’s Pleasure – This is a new adult region run by the infamous people of Caroline’s Mansion. The Mansion (NSFW) is merging with Pleasure… (really NSFW) yeah, that is a double what’s it…

You can read the details on Caroline’s website Second Life Adventures (NSFW).

The TL:DR is H&H is a school for those that want to sell their SL Booty. The region looks like a massive adult playground. But it is a part of a region. It seems big because it uses vertical space.

You apparently have to belong to a group to get some doors to open and stuff to work. Some doors have the lockpick thing… click and wait.

I assume this is a mostly German group of people as no one is there during the hours I tend to be on.

One thought on “Second Life Bits – 2019 w09

  1. Hopefully this year the vendors at FF will focus on a few key items instead of recreating their entire stores. It makes the event look like a themed flea market.

    Imagine how awful C88 or Uber would be if every vendor was allowed to bring their entire store, complete with multi-vendors. That’s what FF has become. It’s a crying shame because those sim builds would be amazing if they weren’t bogged down in trash no one buys.

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