Second Life’s Content Creators’ UG May 31, 2018

My Thursdays have been busy. I’ve been missing the Content Creators’ meetings. Today I made it. There is some  new news.

The meeting has moved back to Animesh4, ADITI, Second Life ™. Took a minute or two to track them down. Then my OBS wasn’t picking up the audio. It took me a bit to figure out what was wrong. The video is missing the first 10 minutes.

Video Index

00:10 – The Land Impact cost for Animesh has been reduced from 200 to 15 plus additional cost for the total polygon count and kickers for LoD use. Poor LoD will drive up the cost.

This actually changed a couple of months ago. Vir Linden posted about the changes here: Animesh – Updated Limits and Cost Formulas.

I think the current RC Animesh viewer has these changes.

03:20 – All cost formulas in use have problems. Lindens are working on it.

04:00 – Stress testing for Animesh… most of the testing was done during Bento development.

05:00 – Will the number of possible animesh attachments increase? Vir says, not this iteration. Limit one animesh attachment per avatar.

06:00 – What is the max poly count for animesh? Animesh and attachments (linkset) tops at 100k. Oz Linden says they are not planning to add or change limits. They do plan to change how avatars and animesh will jelly doll.

07:35 – Do particles emit from a moving point in animated animesh? No. Particles emit from an object center. Animation will not change that point in animesh.

09:30 – ARCTan changes, to land impact costs, are designed to reduce gaming the system.

11:00 – Problem of mist or other similar things that prevent clicking on chairs, etc.

16:15 – Volumetric Clouds – Use to have, gone, not coming back.

18:00 – Rider Linden arrives. (The EEP guy). EEP discussion starts. No weather systems planned. No plans for reflections. The 2006 volumetric legacy fluid mechanics clouds are NOT coming back.

EEP is not changing wind or the effect of wind on flexi-prims. No EEP settings for wind.

23:30 – General EEP status update. Rider says things moving well. There is a ‘blocker’ on the backend. Working to clear. Once cleared Rider will have the server changes in QA within hours. Once QA clears the server we will get a Project Viewer.

26:10 – Size limits… prom sizes, animesh, and mesh sizes… Vir says the 64m size limit is not changing.

Vir asked why one would want larger items. The general idea is to allow full regions to be built in Blender and imported. Also, there are sim surrounds made from sculpties because of the limit.

29:30 – Says they have it on their list to think about sim surrounds and see if there is a better way.

33:30 – 5m bone limit… latest viewer has that backed out. The Lindens think they need to reconsider the limit. So, it may become a matter of a per bone limit… one bone is 5m from one and another is 5m from that one making it 10m. Then another and another for really large things.

39:00 – Some debate on whether mesh or sculpt is better. A sculpty and a mesh bust were rezzed for cost comparison.

39:45 – Oz Linden points out that after the ARCTan sculpties may not remain Land Impact cheaper than mesh.

41:00 – The goal of their ARCTan project is to to get to the real render cost of objects… at least more realistic.

42:00 – Discussion about adding fitted mesh clothes to animesh. Animesh has like 1 attachment point. We can attachment more items to that point just as we do each of the avatars various attachment points.

So, if you have an animesh pet dog, its clothes would be added as linkset items. So, providing animesh pets as No-Mod items may be problematic. Or, animesh may end up with an attachment point similar to the avatar’s attachment points.

45:40 – The ADITI animesh servers updated. There is a small change in the poly-count-checking. Some check being missed was added in… or something like that.

48:45 – Meeting ending. Next week no meeting due to company wide meeting. There will be a meeting the week after.

49:30 – After meeting discussion.

1 hour… end


One thought on “Second Life’s Content Creators’ UG May 31, 2018

  1. “Volumetric Clouds – Use to have, gone, not coming back.”

    Do you mean the particle-like “Classic clouds” ?

    They never went away in the Cool VL Viewer and while SL servers stopped sending the cloud data years ago, I added code so that this data could be emulated within the viewer, meaning you still can enable Classic clouds in SL (and of course still get them in OpenSim where they still exist). 😀

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