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Star Citizen now has 2 million user sign ups as it nears Alpha version 3.1. At US$45 per sign up, that is $90 million…

Save Our Lives, sad… as other news sources dig into the recent march the mainstream media story is falling apart. Many, like myself, wondered how high school kids could organize such a march and handle the logistics of contacting participants, moving them, providing for them, and acquiring a meeting place in D.C. Much less pay for everything.

Don´t trust me

Don´t trust me

A deep look shows the actual numbers are more in the 200,000± range not 800,000 and 90% of the 200k were adults >=40-years old. So, not really a student movement as is being reported.

Detective Novels – You may not know but one of the Second Life™ residents writes novels using their SL name as a pseudonym. Caitlin Tobias has written a review of the PUBLISHED novels, Huckleberry Hax – AFK, all of it. The book is out in hardcover, paperback, and digital. Awesome.

The State of VR – Knowing how popular VR is and how it is selling and who is excited about it is difficult. Marketing people understand the psychology of advertising hype so well the masses are manipulated with few noticing. Even news reporters are sucked in.

So, getting real numbers is rare. Hypergrid Business has an interesting article with some revealing numbers, Virtual learning conference shorter, VR-focused. Seems educational interest in VR is returning. Linden Lab is considered the crossroads for those educating about VR.

Place Pages – Inara has a good article up on Second Life’s Place Pages, Creating Second Life Place Pages. I covered them some time ago. But, this is a good how too and requirements.

I am still trying to get an SL Place Page to show up in a search engine, Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Without traffic from search engines, these pages are nice but not that great.

Web Meeting – I was having lunch with a friend… So, check Inara’s blog for meeting details.

An important point from the meeting, when reporting problems with SL Marketplace search, saying it is broken is not sufficient. When filing a JIRA Bug Report say what you searched for and why you think the results are wrong.

Beba Bilasimo – Interesting portraits and MOVE animation dance videos, some NSFW most OK.

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