Content Creation UG 2017 w45


Permissions are an important part of the animesh project for accessories. So, they are going to be looked at and possibly changed.

Simon Linden points out they realize the permissions thing is a problem. But, until they figure out what to do, keep doing what you are doing… as far as permissions on products.

At this point, the Lindens do not know if they will support accessorizing. While Vir says he would not be enthusiastic about releasing without accessories, it may be a necessity, but it isn’t a goal.

Good discussion from Vir and Simon on what they may be able to do and the complications. Look at the 1:00:00 TM.


Respond to what you are learning here and your concerns in the SL Forum.


00:00 to 11:15 – Medhue is working with his avatar pre-meeting.

11:30 – Meeting starts.

14:00 – Can flag a prim as animesh.

15:00 – Still some bugs

15:45 – Open Floor

16:00 – Rider Linden updates on EEP

20:20 – Linking Mod-Keys – Lots of discussions

35:00 – Vir opens meeting to other topics – Baking on Mesh.

36:00 – Problem with teleporting region to region

38:30 – Vir points out this is the FIRST STEP in Bakes On Mesh. Speaks of problems

41:00 – Normal and specular maps

42:00 – Dropping mesh

47:00 – Reworking Materials

48:30 – Pathfinding

50:00 – Render Cost & Land Impact

51:00 – Series of questions and short answers

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