Content Creation UG 2017 w45


Simon Linden answers a question about the complications in transferring from region to region, teleporting as we say. I won’t go into that here. Get the time from the index and watch the video if you are interested.

This is probably the first time most residents have heard Simon using voice.

Dropping Mesh

To handle dropping mesh there is server-side code that is missing. So, physics and Land Impact fail to work as intended.

There is a discussion about the problem. There is quite a bit in the forum.


A question is asked about reworking materials. Vir answers there is nothing on the roadmap now.


A question about pathfinding (PF) not being able to work inside hallow objects. Is it a bug?

There is a sort of consensus it was designed that way. I think I remember Pathfinding being built toward the end of the mesh project. To get the PF project completed things like in water behavior and caves were ignored.

Render Cost

Asked if VolumeLODFactor would be reviewed… Vir answered that there are a number of render cost factors the Lindens want to review and VolumeLODFactor is in the group.

While Vir is interested, his time is being used up by animesh. I infer from what he is saying this is something he intends to get to. I would suspect he will get into it when they have animesh in RC on the main grid. They will be collecting enough performance information then making well-informed decisions.

Animations at Distance

You probably know that animations do not look right when viewed from a distance, they speed up and look like the Keystone Cops in movies from the 1920’s.

The Firestorm people have a fix. They turn off the animation optimization built into the viewers. Vir, points out it is a workaround, not a real fix, but one the Lindens may also use until they can get it fixed.

Vir says they haven’t checked the optimization benefit to performance. So, the optimization may not be helping performance enough to worth the effort.


Vir repeats himself on Land Impact and poly limits for animesh. It is temporary. Deal with it. It will change.

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2 thoughts on “Content Creation UG 2017 w45

  1. I was wondering what was animesh. I thank your for this post that did help me get a better picture. But I am still confuse as to why it requires a special viewer.

    I think you are an experience opensim user too . If I compare animesh features to NPC opensim feature would you say its doing the same thing ?

    As you know opensim offer non playing character . There are server side bot you can use in your region. You can see them now and they dont requires any sort of viewer characteristics not already available .

    For exemple NPC dancer are used in by Aine dance ball so you can dance in couples in events even if your single. You can also visit outwordz VIRUNGA – HOME OF THE MOUNTAIN GORILLAS where NPC are use to move jungle animal including elephant hypothalamus tigers and even Diane to present an immersion experience .

    So would you know care to explain me what is the difference with ANIMESH ?

    • The reason a special viewer is needed is because the current viewers only know how to handle a skeleton that is connected to an agent, person. New viewers will be able to render mesh & skeletons NOT attached to a viewer. The OpenSim NPC’s sort of cheat by pretending the NPC is attached to a viewer. So, if I understand, the OS NPC’s cost more to render than animesh because of the work-around.

      OpenSim NPC’s are in some ways better than animesh for making and animating NPC’s. But, animesh will likely be more versatile. We will be able to make pets and other non-humans. Some designers are thinking of using animesh to animate the sails on a sailboat. Others are planning to use it to animate steam engines.

      Also, we will be able to attach animesh to our avatars.

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