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I am having a difficult time logging into the ADITI grid. I can get logged in, but I’m mostly not fully connecting. I can’t move, walk, or teleport. Can’t even move by sitting on something. Sometimes the chat service does not connect. Voice seems to always work. With persistence, I make it in with a usable connection. Never a problem in AGNI.

So, it is a good thing Medhue got his streaming working. I’ve linked to his video. Unfortunately, he had the gain turned down and the audio is very low. So, you may get blasted by any other sound that comes on while you are watching.

There was more news from the Server Beta UG later in the day. I’ve folded that information in with the CC coverage.


The index with time marks is below this summary.


A new version of the project viewer rolled out: Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version If you are running the project viewer, it will force an update. My update went as intended. Just the project viewer is updated.

Shadows now work. I think he means animesh things now cast shadows.

Animesh linksets now will allow a mix of animesh, mesh, and prims. To be more technically and grammatically correct… linksets can now contain any type of prim. I think the primary reason was the need to have a prim for the root of the animesh link set.

Also, viewer crashes were fixed. So, less crashing.

We can now flag a prim as animesh… Because of an optimization, the system will NOT generate a skeleton for it. So, there is little or no performance impact or LI increase when checking a prim as Animesh.

There are still some bugs and issues. The big one is how accessories are going to be supported. This discussion is going on in these meetings and on the SL Forum. There is a wealth of information here.

Vir Linden will be providing more information in the forum this week and following discussions there. Those outside the US Pacific Time Zone can join in the forum discussion.

So, if you have concerns about how accessories will work with animesh, think a hat on a cat, the forum is the place to get them addressed.


Rider updates us on his work with changes to the Windlight system. He is at the point where he will be removing the existing Windlight code and adding in the new code. We will see it first in ADITI as a beta.

The next step is getting Windlight assets working with inventory. Once Rider can get things in and out of inventory then we will be looking at releasing a project viewer. There will be test regions on ADITI with new simulator code to support the project viewer.

Water settings are going to change. But, the settings will be part of the Windlight asset.

We are getting new sky features. But, no new water or terrain features.


There is no new information on this item.

This is a subject that has people interested and the Lindens thinking. It is all about animesh and accessories.

Imagine I make a cat and you make a hat. If my cat is no-mod linkset-animesh, how do you add your no-mod hat? There is no way at present.

If I make my cat mod-ok, you can add your hat. But, if you sell your hat the end user must get it as mod-ok to be able to add it to my mod-ok cat.

The problem is, if these things are mod-ok to the end user, the end user can drop in a ‘snooping’ script and figure out what channels and instructions I use to modify and control the cat. The same for your hat. So, they can turn your 6-color hat into a many color hat and you lose sales.

A griefer can do the same and mess with people wearing your stuff. So, this turns into a big security mess. Thus the idea of Keys permitting modifications that override SL permissions. Mod-Keys. These would allow scripts in no-mod items to talk to each other and modify the linkset as desired, so a cat can wear a hat.

There are lots of ideas coming up as to how to handle accessories. This is also being discussed in the SL Forum, links above and below.

More pages… links below.

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