Second Life News 2017 w44


No roll to the main channel this week. It continues to run version #

Blue Steel, Le Tigre, and Magnum will update to version # It is listed as having ‘internal changes’.

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017


The main viewer is version Updated in week #42.

Second Life Alex Ivy Viewer version – No change since week #37.

Second Life Maintenance Viewer version – this is an update. The previous version released in week #42.

Second Life Voice Viewer version – This version updated in week #42.

Second Life Wolfpack Viewer version – This version released in week #42.

Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version – No update since week #27.

Second Life Project Animesh Viewer version – Released late in week 42.

This is the week of the third-party developers’ meeting so we could get addition news then. 


There are releases titled 5.0.9 and 5.1.0… The 5.1.0 is the more complete containing releases from the Linden 5.0.7, 5.0.8, 5.0.9 and Alex Ivy 5.1.0 (the 64-bit). Plus some parts of coming releases for post 5.0.9. (Link)

However, just as these releases were released RLV and Linden Viewers dropped new updates. These are expected to show up on Kokua weekly updates.

NickyP is doing this work and looking for someone to take over the Kokua development project.

RLV 2.9.22

10/27 saw a new release with some fixes and new features. You can get the details here. Download RLV here.

For those that want Mammoth Mammaries, Marine has just what you want, Proud Girls! Abet, for Maitreya only. These are breasts WAY larger than anything achievable with just the Maitreya body. You’ll want to visit the site just to see the animated GIF picture promoting them. It is about the 7th picture down the page. Or… click here – Not completely safe for work… it is one of those classic Hollywood shots.

Black Dragon

New versions are out. You want the 64x – Release Candidate 2 “Bit Dragon”

NiranV is looking for financial support to continue the viewer. Something called ‘Patreon’ is the plan. You can read about Patreon and what NiranV is planning here. And a follow up here.

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