They did what? To who?

Daria posted on Mesh Body Addicts: If I’m honest… Seems some designers are yelling at her for not doing what they want. Apparently it is or verges on: abusive. She closes with the comment, “We are human. We are flawed…. but we are also defined by our actions. What are your actions saying about you?” Then admonishes us to, “Be kind to one another.”

Happy Halloween <3

Happy Halloween <3

Have you ever wondered why we aren’t kind and considerate? Does it seem social interaction in society is devolving? Do you really think the cause is the Internet? 

I see people wondering about why society is changing, why more violence, less respect, increased rudeness… few ask if it is changing…

Many things have been looked at, studies done, opinions voiced… So, there are lots of explanations in regard to these questions.

I don’t share my RL. But, from my posts I suspect it is obvious I have an interest in philosophy and psychology. I also identify with the Apostle Thomas, the one that doubted… I doubt most things and question most everything. So, answering ‘Why?’ questions usually sends me on a deep diving research quest.

A book The Rape of the Mind explains what government, political campaigns, corporations, and numerous organizations are doing to us via the media, schools, and colleges. We are being programmed. The book points out how to protect yourself from the programming but, it is long read.

close to you

close to you

The book Rules for Radicals pretty much outlines the postmodern morals of western society; the ends justify the means. Reading the news in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East… one can easily see they are having an effect.

I posit that human nature itself does not change. For instance, all through history cultures have sacrificed babies, see child sacrifice. Early evidence from about 2800 BCE indicates it was happening then. In most cases these killings were for religious reasons. But, most ‘progressives’ support partial birth abortion and generally oppose or shun religion.

Stats show we don’t know why 9.9% chose to abort, they do show that 80±% of abortions are elective, and the remaining 10±% is divided among rape, incest, and mother’s health. Of the 1.21 million abortions in 2008 0.2% were partial birth abortions. So, has human nature improved because we slaughtered 2,400 babies at birth for convenience rather than religious reasons?

So, if humans have not changed, what is changing?

Merriam-Webster defines religion as:  an organized system of beliefs. (one of several definitions) But, the word religion has lots of baggage. So, creed, philosophy, ideology, and similar words give us less emotional terms.

In all cultures it is the creed, philosophy, and/or ideology that allows behavior. Violate societies norms and you are toast, ala Palmer Lucky’s supposed political position. Our creed, philosophy, and/or ideology is now called post-modern. Basically, the idea is to be free and not judge another’s creed, philosophy, and/or ideology.

The problem is that philosophy does not work. Consider. If I were to believe it is OK for me to take your stuff, force you to have sex with me, and kill you if you should ever dare to disagree with me… Can society really not judge and prohibit such behavior?

But, since we have evolved from mud… who gets to say what I can and cannot do? Says who? These questions are the basic foundation of postmodern philosophy.

Why shouldn’t I be rude and yell at you to get what I want? What advantage is there for me to be patient? If I can’t get you to do something by yelling, I just need more power to force you… I’ll get a law passed…

The postmodern creed, philosophy, and/or ideology removes inhibitions and prohibitions. So, we are seeing the result. Society is breaking down. (Chicago) Human nature is not evolving. It appears to many, to be devolving. I think it is simply unchanging human nature that society is releasing. This is what humans do when not restrained by a workable creed, philosophy, and/or ideology. Why else does America have two hot messes running for the highest office in the country? Hobson’s choice…

How does one get society to adopt a workable philosophy? How does one find such a philosophy? Is there one? Where did you get your creed, philosophy, and/or ideology? Have you thought it through?

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