Hardware: New Intel SSD’s

Intel is promoting two new Solid State Drives (SSD); Intel® SSD DC P3520 Series (PCIe) and the Intel® SSD DC S3520 Series (SATA). These are enterprise level drives. Put into layman’s English, these puppies are way expensive. US$300 to $3,000. Amazon

Intel DC P3520 SSD

Intel DC P3520 SSD

They do yield 35% more performance per watt. If you are running a server farm that is a big deal. The link above leads to the specs. Read speed: 1700 MB/s, write: 1350 MB/s. My SSD can only move 300 to 400 MB/s. See: Hardware: Disk Performance Compared. These new SSD’s are performing at RAM Drive speeds.

Word is that large data centers are driving the demand for these new fast, large SSD’s. As prices come down the consumer market will use more of these drives.

Will they make your Second Life experience better? Probably. But, RAM drives are currently cheaper and provide similar performance but, less storage space.

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