Project Sansar: Democratizing?

Will it be any different in Sansar? Probably not. There likely will be something like SL’s Particle Lab in Sansar, tutorial presentations that show how to use the built in features. But, Maya/Blender stuff will be like we see in SL now.

I doubt the techies in Sansar will have any more control over me than they do in SL. I’m free to choose who’s stuff I will use or I can learn to build my own. I suspect many of the limits imposed by SL will be removed. I also suspect the cost of poorly optimized content will be much higher. So, different limits.

A very bad Feeling...

A very bad Feeling…

Ebbe has a vision for what he has the Lab building. From that he keeps telling us they WILL democratize VR. Remember. Prokofy has no clue what the final product will be. None of us do. We do know that in-world editing tools are something Ebbe says will come later in the development process, likely 2017. The initial Sansar will NOT be for those that only know how and want to build using prims. The Sansar layout tools will be there early on to let us position imported ‘things’. So, we can position a couch or tree we buy or build.

But, will Sansar be easier to build for than Unreal, Cry, Unity, or similar game engines? Ebbe is telling us it will. If so, he will have accomplished his democratization statement. He isn’t trying to make Sansar easier to build for than SL. He is trying to make it easier for the rest of the world than what they have to work with now. Ebbe has always been about removing ‘use’ problems for SL. I expect many of our SL complications to be eliminated in Sansar.

How many of us want, or even know how to, build a theme for WordPress (WP)? I’m an exception because I have built and do build WP themes. It isn’t that much fun. It’s downright tedious when it comes time to test the theme. I suspect a Sansar world will be like WP, the frame work. Third parties and to some extent the WP people make themes and add-ons for WP. The majority of us can grab a theme and start blogging without the tedium of building a web site. All people need do pick a theme and write posts.

Expect Sansar to be similar. The removal of the heavy technical tasks will make it easier for more people to build worlds quickly and easily. That is the democratization Ebbe is talking about and Prokofy has missed.

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