Did we have Second Life NEWS from TPDev’s meeting?


BUG-10230[Project Azumarill – Second Life 3.8.4 (304871) Sep 4 2015] Voice often fails to connect on the Azumarill viewer.



BUG-10391[Project Azumarill] Avatar often bakes fails on Azumarill. There is an attachments problem in this and the HTTP viewer. Outfit changes are not updating correctly and people are seeing bake fail. Bake fail: the avatar remaining a cloud. Sometimes you cannot see your avatar, other times it is others that cannot see your avatar.

Second Life Project Azumarill – The public version of RC HTTP update Viewer version has a similar release notes description.

BUG-10598logged out when tping from one LM to another.  This is an elusive bug. Some people have it bad and others never see it. Lowering the bandwidth setting and restart modem.

BUG-10558[Valhalla] Major HTML5 Video Performance Issues. The test was with this video. He ran it on 30 prims (MOAP). Try running it in 30 separate web browser windows.

Don’t expect 30 prims running video in a single region to work. Duh!

Return all – There is a button that allows the land owner to return EVERYTHING on the region. So… imagine what happens when that button is clicked by accident? You either rebuild the region from scratch or ask the Lab to restore the region to the last backup of the region.

You can click the button and watch as your region empties. No ‘are you sure?’, just poof, poof, poof…

There is a recommendation that a bit of a safety margin be added by giving a user a chance to realizethey may be doing something they don’t want to do. May be a warning that you are returning 14,586 objects of the 14,586 in the region… then may be shake the screen and in huge letters: zOMG!!! Do you have any clue what you are doing? Followed by: Are you F______g SURE!?! Did you ask your mom? Followed by: Now you’ve done it!

Mesh and Animation Upload Blocking

Mesh uploads, will soon no longer be able to attach to an unknown attachment point. They will attach to a standard attachment point. This is different than animating attachment points. There is no immediate change coming to attachment-point animating. But that is an unsupported feature.

Lindens are talking about how to handle this problem, to support or not to support… and if to support, how?

But,block uploading animations of and rigging to unknown joints is definitely being blocked.

BUG-10543Mesh validation should permit rigging to attach points. This is a controversial issue. A couple of weeks ago I touched on it. See: Second Life News Week 44.

Designers in SL are animating attachment points to get additional bones. The problem with that is, if someone is trying to wear an attachment on an attachment-point that is being animated, quite often the attachment will be in the wrong (an unexpected) place. This leaves the user wondering what happened and generating support problems.

Because of the confusion the Lindens looked at blocking such use. But, so many developers use the technique the Lindens decided to look at the problem and use-case and see if they can come up with something that serves both to eliminate confusion and allow the designers’ use-case.

Don’t count on being able to continue to use the ability to animate attachment-points. But, at least there is a chance it will stick around in some form.

In the Firestorm viewer the patch for using attachments w/spaces in name was removed. It will be coming back in the November release. It will be disabled by default. But, there will be a Debug Setting to enable it.

Animation Problem

Seems there is a problem with an odd foot and wrist twist in some animations. Foot and hand lockers aggravate the problem. The Firestorm peeps are working on a JIRA and way to reproduce the problem.


ADITI is the preview grid. Getting your inventory to update there has been an ongoing problem. The Lindens thought they had it fixed this last week. But, they had to roll the fix back. Something didn’t work as they wanted it to.

So, getting an update in ADITI is still a problem. This thread is a bit of what is happening.

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