Did we have Second Life NEWS from TPDev’s meeting?

Last Friday (11/6) was the Third Party Developers’ meeting. We got some news. I’m just getting around to it. I’ve had my head in php parts of a gambling site that didn’t work. My head hurts… sniff… sniff. Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m having ice cream for dinner… 🙂

~ Looks like Rain ~

~ Looks like Rain ~

Oz Linden told the group that a new version of the viewer will be coming into the RC group. A maintenance version, which usually means a collection of fixes and often some third party features. He thinks this version may actually pass the other RC version and make it out ahead of them. 

RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version – This version still has some bugs that prevent its release. Noting terrible. But, some glitches that are taking some time to resolve. So, Oz doesn’t expect it out for a bit.

RC Second Life HTTP update Viewer version – This version has some blocking issues. But, it might be the next viewer promoted.

Coroutines – You probably haven’t heard this term if you aren’t involved in viewer development. This term comes from an update that is another hidden improvement. Rider and Nat Linden have been working on it for some time.

They are redoing the HTTP cURL tech in the viewer. cURL handles the security. So, it touches many parts of the viewer. Nat described it as a dismaying number of places.

Because of the numerous places needing change this feature will likely knock the Firestorm Viewer out of parity with the Linden viewer… or could. The November release of Firestorm will have the viewer caught up with the Lab’s current build. Integrating Coroutines will probably take up all of the 3 month update cycle that Firestorm runs on.

If you want to understand more about Coroutines, see this 1 hour and 20 minute video: Linden U: Coroutines & the HTTPAdapter. It is way deep geek speak. The TMBD version of the story is coroutines will reduce viewer lag and allow more parallel processing. This has the possibility to change the basic way the viewer works so that there are few places where the viewer has to wait on processes.

Project Valhalla Viewer version – This viewer is running well on the Windows side. But, Oz says it has a ways to go on Mac side. He does think we will see this promote to RC level soon.

Project Vivox Channel  – Vivox has been working on a update. This viewer is the first public iteration of a viewer will the update. Oz says it too will soon appear as an RC. Oz says they have yet to merge the Vivox update with HTTP Viewer RC. That would be the reason it is not out as an RC.

All voice issues should only be reported using this version.

Project OculusRift Viewer version – No love here. he Lindens are busy on other projects. They hope someday to get it updated.

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