Second Life News Week 44


The main default viewer updated from the Notifications RC Viewer 3.8.6-305981. So, you’ll be seeing notices popping up differently.

The only RC viewers are:

  • RC Second Life HTTP update Viewer version
  • Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version
Why So Serious ?!!!

Why So Serious ?!!!

The Project Viewers:

  • Project Oculus Rift Viewer version
  • Second Life Project Valhalla Viewer version

Nothing much has changed in these. There will be updates to all of these so they will all soon have the Notifications changes plus various fixes.

I don’t expect the Oculus version to update… 


The main channel updated from the RC version that ran last week. It has a fix for BUG-8222 – Problems to open pictures in Group notifications.

The RC channels Blue Steel and Le Tigre will get a new package this week. The package has a crash fix.

Magnum will get the same package but with a security/griefer fix added in.

If things go well, the Magnum version is the one the Lindens would probably like to promote next week.


BUG-10543Mesh validation should permit rigging to attach points.

This is a problem that comes from a limitation of the SL System. Our avatars have a human skeleton. So, if you want to add a tail, extra arms or legs, and other non-human appendages, you have a problem. We cannot add bones to the SL avatar. We have to work with what we have.

The work around is to rig the extra appendages to attachment points. Surprisingly, the attachment points can be animated independently of other bones.  One needs to upload using the anim file format. The process is NOT supported by the Lab. But, is very common in the furry and animal avatar markets. The community discovered that it works and has been using it. History repeats. Remember Liquid Mesh?

So, when Firestorm fixed the problem in an effort to remove a griefing channel, they started getting blow-back (FIRE-17144). As the griefing fix finds its way into the SL system, it is creating a problem for those using the technique and thus BUG-10543.

What will the outcome be? No one knows. The Lab is looking at the problem and what may be possible as a fix. The current fix breaks things, something the Lindens try to avoid, whether supported or not. They don’t feel obligated to maintain compatibility, but they still try to avoid problems. I think it is just a matter of how hard it will be to build in a similar feature.

BUG-5979 & BUG-242 – These have to do with region edges. I have never seen this problem, but apparently a thin wall or crevasse is created by the physics engine because it gets confused about what is in the adjoining region.

The Lindens are working on it.

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