Second Life Servers Week 43

This week there has been no roll to the main channel. The same software will run as last week.

This week (Wednesday) there will be a roll out to the RC channels. All three channels will get the same package: Maintenance.

Portrait ♥

Portrait ♥

This package is said to have some bug fixes and to specifically fix:  BUG-8222HI, Problems to open pictures in Group notifications ! this bug looks to be related to: SVC-7129Attachments to group notices malfunction after some time. This is an old problem we have lived with for years (March 2010). 

The work-around has been to open the group’s notices and retrieve the attachment, image or note card, from the notice copy there. But, notices fall out of the list there too.

It is unclear from reading the JIRA whether the 8222 fix is also a fix for 7129. I guess we’ll find out.

I am also left wondering whether the new Notices Viewer (RC Second Life Notifications Viewer version will have a fix for the problem. As I have heard discussed the problem arises in the process of how Notices are handled by the region servers and viewers. If a Notice is sent, the server cannot hold that information forever waiting for you to login. So, at some point you login and get a Notice for which the server has dropped the attachment links from its cache and can’t get the image or note card.

Imagine all the information that would have to be held for those people that haven’t logged in for 6 months or more…

There might be some way to eliminate the problem of aging data. I can image it would be changing where links are kept and changing when notices drop out of the message cue.

2 thoughts on “Second Life Servers Week 43

  1. I log in at least twice everyday. Received a group notices from a store today Tuesday that was sent Saturday. Group is less than 5000 members. Happens every week.

    Some groups, I NEVER get notices . I’ve tried leaving/rejoining- toggling send me notices— just can’t get them

    Hope these issues will be resolved also.

    • They did a lot of work on group chat this year. I am not sure if that affected how notices are delivered. But, I suspect they were looking at notices too. So, may be they’ll help your problem.

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