Second Life Things Week 21

DDOS Attacks

A number of MMO games are the targets of Distributed Denial of Service attacks. I would expect Second Life™ to get its share of those. Massively Overpowered is reporting on the MMO Shroud of the Avatar getting attacked.

Has Your Favorite Mmo Been DDOS’ed?

Shroud Of The Avatar Gets Slammed By Ddos Attack

Discovering the Horizon

Discovering the Horizon by ~~*κïrα ß. murƒïη*~~, on Flickr

WoW Dying?

In Second Life™ we repeatedly hear that SL is dying. Everything is dying. Deal with it. But, World of Warcraft (WoW) dying? It has lost 3 million players in 3 months. That leaves them with 7 million active players. A game with 7 million players is not what most of us call dead. But, we are hearing the Chicken Little types crowing. 

In the article WOW FACTOR: A Three Million Loss Lesson Eliot Lefebvre writes about what is to be learned from the loss. Eliot points to who is staying in the game and why and gives his ideas on why people are leaving. He sounds reasonable to me, but I’m not a WoW player.

Losing a million players a month should wake someone up. With a subscription rate of US$15/month they have now decreased their income by $45 million per month. That is going to be a half-billion over the next 12 months if they can’t get them back.


A new version 352.86 driver is out. The NVIDIA GeForce Experience finds these updates an notifies users. So, that a new version is out is not really news to most of us. But, if you are not using the ‘Experience’ software, you have to manually check for updates.

I recommend use of the Experience software.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It is a PS4 game. The graphics are impressive. The video switches between movie and game… or something like that. It is long.

Blender Tips

Reynante Martinez has made a text and images tutorial: How to Generate Multiple Maps from a Single Image. He uses the node editor for making the materials.

Mixed Reality

I’ve seen some articles about how the coming VR headsets might use game areas as does laser tag. The Void is an attempt at creating a mixed reality ride… well, walk. See: First Hands-on: The VOID, a Mixed Reality Experience That Blends Real and Virtual.

The article reveals some of the magic and tricks that can be used to trick the mind. There are a couple of things you probably haven’t thought of.

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