Net Neutrality 2015-09

We still do not have the words  from the 332 pages of FCC rules that will be implemented in the name of Net Neutrality. What we do know is that a channel of free communication is being placed under ancient FCC Title II rules that already restrict what can be said on radio and TV. More and more people are waking up to another governmental power grab creating a government monopoly that will increase the cost of Internet service and cell phone plans. (Reference)

This was Wikipedia's Plea in 2012 - It has new meaning today - By: Wonderlane - Flickr

This was Wikipedia’s Plea in 2012 – It has new meaning today – By: Wonderlane – Flickr

Just as Americans for the first time are facing more of the actual cost of ACA (Obama-care) this tax season, 4+ years after its passage and the whole thing with 21 new taxes has yet to be fully implemented, in the next year we will start… and the keyword here is ‘start’, to see similar slow moving effects of the Net Neutrality change. 

I am pessimistic because Tom Wheeler, FCC Chairman, is using contorted language to describe what the new plan is and keeping the actual wording secret until after they are voted on. (Reference) Why would rules good for people in general need to be kept secret? And why is Wheeler doing all he can to shut up the whistle blower Ajit Pai, FCC Commissioner? Where is Obama’s era of new government transparency?

We also have appearing the changes to Title II, of the 1934 Communications Act. The FCC needs changes to Title II for the new FCC rules. This 80+ year old law gives the Federal government power to set price controls and add taxes. We have seen government price controls in action before. Look up Nixon in the 70’s and gas lines. They always slow or eliminate competition (price controls are good for a business that has to compete), artificially inflate prices or reduce the supply and quality of a product or service.

The new rules are likely to be an unholy union of big business and government that gives them control over all electronic communications. Big business will pour millions into lobbying efforts and election campaigns to buy what they want. Actual users will have no voice, except through elections, and the competitive free market force where citizens have the most control with their dollars is gone because it is all done by LAW.

If the Dems could get the Fairness Doctrine (another good sounding, deceptive name for censorship) reinstated, they are planning to win the 2016 election, then they could shut up the GOP and conservatives.

Have you noticed that the only place anything close to the truth is being reported about American Net Neutrality is in European news media?

If you have  not yet complained to your political representatives, now is almost too late.

  • 74 percent of Americans are unfamiliar with the term “net neutrality” or what it refers to
  • 73 percent want “greater disclosure” of the FCC’s plans
  • 79 percent wants public disclosure of the exact rules before the FCC votes on it
  • Just one in three think regulating the internet like the telephone is helpful


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