Second Life Bits 2015-07

Unreal Engine

Jo Yardley has posted about the graphics available when world builders use the Unreal Engine. See: Stunning demo shows what is possible in VR graphics with Unreal Engine.

I am sure it will be pretty awesome to use the Oculus Rift HMD in a world like this.


Ciaran Laval has an article up on his site that gives a good summary of recent changes in Second Life and coming changes. See: Linden Lab Ask Us To Check Out Improvements To Second Life. I’ve mentioned some of these weeks ago but he goes into more detail and collects them into one place.

Daniel Voyager has a similar article: Linden Lab publishes upcoming improvements to Second Life.

Directly from the Lab: Check Out the Latest Improvements to Second Life

Inventory Loss

The Lab is looking for people that have suffered inventory loss. There is a survey they these people to take. Ciaran writes about it here: Linden Lab Ask For Help To Improve Second Life With Inventory Loss Survey. I haven’t experienced any inventory loss this past year and I am pretty sure not in the last 2 or 3.

Ebbe 1 year Old

Daniel Voyager notes on his blog that Ebbe Linden is now one-year old. See: Happy 1st Rezday Ebbe Linden. A lot has happened in this first year.

Inara has written a good article on Ebbe and what he has accomplished in his first year with Lab. See: One year on: Ebbe’s Linden Lab. Well worth the time to read.

.world Domains

As the Internet comes  under more and more government control, we get a new top level domain: dot-world. We are getting new top level domains. Like; .beer and .guru. Hypergrid published the news a week or so ago. See: Dot-world domains available.

People Panel

Firestorm has their Tuesday Tool Tip out. Inara covers it well in her: Firestorm Tool Tip Tuesday: People panel and mini-map. Firestorm has theirs here: Tool Tip Tuesday! People Panel and Mini-Map.

Inara provides a bit more written ‘tutorial’ than Firestorm provides, mostly video, which I have posted here.


There are no new packages rolling to the main or RC channels this week (7).


We did not see a new viewer roll out in week 6. Inara thought, and I did too, that we would get an RC promoted to the main viewer in week 6. May be this week… (7)

Second Life Grid Status Moved

Inara caught the change in the Grid Status page. The URL changed and so did the format. See: Status Grid. Remember to bookmark the page.

This moves the Grid Status Reports into the main Second Life Blog. is a blog that collects tutorials and publishes them. They have one (which they link to) titled: Second Life Marketplace Tutorial: Make a RSS feed for your store. Now there is an idea.

Did you know there is a Blender app for Android? does. See: Using Blender for Android.

Second Life a Novel About Cyber-Sex

Those of us that have Google Alerts get a steady stream of ‘Second Life’ related news. Most of it has nothing to do with the Second Life we know. This novel titled Second Life by S.J. Watson is not about our virtual world. It is about cybersex.

For a review of it see: Cybersex is a dangerous world (especially for novelists).


We are in the 25th week of the Blender Gooseberry Project. See: Gooseberry Weekly #25: February 6, 2015.

Mobile VR

John Carmack talks about Virtual reality going mobile. I’m not sure I have quite got my head around the idea of mobile VR. I can see using a mobile device to connect to VR. But, experiencing VR still seems to be an experience where one needs to be seated.

See: John Carmack to Detail ‘The Dawn of Mobile VR’ at GDC 2015.

The real discussion isn’t to take place until March 4th.

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