Blender 2.73 Planning

Ton Roosendaal regularly shares his Blender developers meeting notes. Blender Nation summarizes them and links to the notes.

A feature being added back into the workflow is Mesh Transfer or Data Transfer. I’m not at all clear on what it is. The details are here. This seems like some type of attribute copy-paste… I don’t see how it will help me with my designs for SL.

Blender 2.72 - 2014-10-06

Blender 2.72 – 2014-10-06

They are planning to add support for Chinese/Asian complex characters.

A Dependency Graph is in the works. This would let you see how all the parts of a scene relate and which objects require which resources. Not something I’ll need in my simple files.

Various improvements are being made as part of the Gooseberry project. We will see viewport and asset management improvements that will likely help SL designers.

Currently Blender 2.72b is the current Blender release. The fixes and improvements list (release notes sort of) are here.


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