Second Life Bits 2014-45 #2


The Content Delivery Network is used by all viewers. No viewer update was needed for CDN to work. It is a pure server-side thing.

Meauxle Bureaux 2014

Meauxle Bureaux 2014

Ciaran wrote about the problem he and others run into in: CDN Teething Problems & Meauxle Bureaux Should Be In Destination Guide. Some regions just refuse to render. Lots of textures fail to load. The usual leave and return tricks are not working. When these textures fail to load they FAIL to load and there seems little we can do about it.

The Lindens are aware of the problem and have posted on the SL Blog about the problem, what they think is causing it, and the hope it will pass with changes being made by both the Lab and the CDN provider. See: An Update on the [Second Life] CDN Project.

If you run into this problem, please file a JIRA report. Add your RL location (City, State, Country) and ISP name.

And like Ciaran I encourage you to check out the mole abode: Meauxle Bureaux

29 Exchanges Approved to Sell Lindens

Hypergrid Business has posted an article about 29 exchanges that will swap Lindens for IMVU credits, you got that from the title? Of course…

In May 2014 there was a commotion when Linden Lab restricted trading of Linden dollars (L$). Within a few days the Lab had revised their policy from no buying and selling L$ to no buying L$. There are now 29 Linden approved sources for L$’s.

The change had a big impact on the profitability of these exchanges. The result is they started branching out. The first new source of customers was OpenSim. Now they are branching out to other online worlds and games.

Linden to IMVU to RL$

FirstMeta Exchange is now exchanging IMVU credits and L$. You can buy or sell IMVU credits with L$. This gives one another way to unload L$. (Reference) Other exchanges were paying RL money for IMVU credits. (Reference) (Reference) But, that has changed since the government crackdown. Now only ‘creators’ can sell their IMVU credits. (Reference) (Reference)

Most of these exchanges are NOT offering that good a price to those exchanging currencies. So, carefully check out the exchanges rates. In Maria’s article she provides a link to Joanna Bogacz’s list of total transaction cost (now out of date) for currency exchanges at the various services.

Stranger in a Strange Land

Honour has a post about an odd place. See: Stumbling Around, Who Needs Drugs When You Have Second Life?

The article has a number of links into the area.


Hamlet and SL Go are working to make a travelogue for Second Life™. The first place of interest Hamlet is focusing on is the Blake Sea. If you are unaware of it, don’t be surprised. It is not the best set of regions for photography or exploring. It is a set of regions designed for flying and sailing.

This is also a set of regions that provide the Lab feedback on how well region crossings are working. Sailing a boat or flying a airplane across region borders taxes the system. This area is designed to provide good region crossings. Both the flying and sailing communities provide feedback to the Lab… or maybe we could say they regularly complain when there are problems and be more accurate. However we describe it, the communities using the Blake Sea are active and vocal.

See: SL Go Places: Blake Sea, a Vast Waterway for Realistic Sailing on the Second Life Sea (NWN Partner Co-Production)

One thought on “Second Life Bits 2014-45 #2

  1. About CDN issues, the Cool VL Viewer has been changed a few weeks ago to automatically fall-back to UDP texture fetches when HTTP fails (other viewers only fallback to UDP in a few, rare HTTP failure cases), so it can still render those problematic regions, albeit much slower than if CDN worked…

    I always took great care to keep “old” protocols around with either an automatic fallback or a toggle in the Advanced menu, when implementing new stuff in my viewer…

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