New AvaStar Training Course – Second Life

Gaia Clary has announced the release of a new course about using AvaStar with the Second Life™ skeleton (armature). The class is on sale for US$12. Find the announcement here.

The announcement is confusing. There is a course you can buy now, but it is incomplete. Huh? You can buy the course (text only $6 – to be completed by end of November) and the course video separately (video only $6)? What!?! Why? We know from the previous course that the meat of the class is in the written material. Both are needed.

The announcement is short:

This course guides you through all aspects of the Second Life Skeleton. This knowledge will help you to create your own SL compatible characters, attachments and animations.:

  • SL Appearance Sliders & Anatomy of the SL Avatar
  • The SL Avatar and rigged Mesh
  • Bone Sliders and Morph Sliders
  • Sliders and Weight maps
  • Weightmaps and Animation
  • Rest Pose and SL Default Avatar
  • Working with non default Shapes

The course video contains a brief self contained introduction into all topics which are covered in much greater detail within the course lessons.

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