Second Life News 2014-33 Friday


As previously reported the main channel got the maintenance release with a JSON rollback.

Nachwerk July 2014

Nachwerk July 2014

RC Channels

This week the RC Channels are running the same release as the main channel.

Maestro Linden tells us that next week the servers will get fix for a sim crash. After the fix is in place we MAY learn what it was. But, for now they are not saying.

Other Server

Maestro looked into the BUG-6925/BUG-6908 bug of attachments ending up on invalid attachment points after a teleport. The Lindens are having trouble reproducing the problem. Speculation is the low ping rate within the Lab eliminates the problem.

Whirly Fizzle is reporting that the Mystitool HUD sets the bug off as well as another couple of HUD’s. 

Experimenting by various people shows those with large gesture collections are also more prone to seeing the problem. Maestro tells us that gesture information is transmitted to the new region when one arrives. That of course takes time, which seems to aggravate the attachment problem.

Maestro thinks the Calling Cards may also contribute to the problem as that information is being updated on region cross too. But, he is not sure.

For some time it has been general performance advice in SL to remove Calling Cards from your inventory, if you do not use them. But, if you are not having attachment problems then this is not a reason to do so.

Maestro doubts that large inventories are an issue in the problem. Inventory data is not transmitted with each crossing, which Oz Linden confirms. That information is cached in the viewer. Only the folder tree is updated at login. Inventory is then updated when opened.

Flat inventory structures are a problem. A ‘flat’ inventory structure is one with few folders and lots of stuff in each of those folders. Creating more folders and having fewer items per folder creates a better situation. Oz Linden says deep trees are much better… or at least ‘less’ of a problem.

Viewer News

Oz Linden tells us that a feature is coming to the SL Viewer that will let you filter inventory on item age. You will be able to select items  of a certain age and older or newer.

I think this would be great for cleaning up inventory. I am pretty sure I’m not wearing things I got in 2008.

The main viewer is still 3.7.13-292225 as I write this (8/15 – 8AM SLT).

RC and Project viewer remain unchanged since I reported.

Layers for Fitted Mesh?

Creating a layering system for mesh attachments would be a huge project and it is unlikely that would ever be implemented in SL1. But, being able to add layering to attached mesh items would allow us to use system clothes on fitted mesh bodies, something many would like to see.

The concern with layering textures comes in when it is realized that we are allowing multiple textures to be placed on a prim face. This opens the possibility for over use and flooding a region with textures. Consider: 8 faces with 5 layers = 40 possible textures with 3 texture maps; diffuse, normal, and specular for 120 textures per prim. That is 5 times more than we can add now (8×3=24).

However, there is speculation about creating a way for the server side baked appearance to be used on an attached mesh, which would be way easier. It could also solve some of the appearance change problems new users have when they choose one of the fitted mesh starter avatars.

By using the SSA texture all layering would be handled via the older system and the new fitted mesh would still be wearing a single texture. Of course the SSA system does not do materials.


Maestro confirms that the Lab has their new Oculus Rift DK2’s, plural.

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