Second Life’s Firestorm Viewer 4.6.7 – Soon?

We know that a new release of the Firestorm Viewer is getting close because the team has been talking about it. Today I am seeing the wiki changes that proceed a release. So, we are getting very close. The wiki changes mean they have likely gone to feature-lock. Not much point trying to write about what’s changed while things are still changing.

Firestorm Logo

Firestorm Logo

The current version is 4.6.5 (40833). The new wiki pages are using as the new version number.

All this is in progress and may change, but I suspect it won’t. The wiki pages are being edited and THEY will change. It is hard to tell what is new and what is old in the pages as to some extent they seem to have been copied from a previous update page. There are several “Fix It” notes here and there.

The current editing on the page says the viewer merges to Linden Lab 3.7.5 codebase… the last release was merging up to 3.7.4… I am hoping this is just an editing stage and the 3.7.5 number is a place holder. The current Linden code base is at 3.7.13 with the Linden wiki now showing changes indicating a coming release of version 3.7.14, which may happen today or Monday…. That’s my pure guess, it could be longer.

The updates to Firestorm are mostly fixes. But, there is a healthy dose of new features and feature tweaks currently showing on the preliminary pages. It is not a huge page but there is plenty of good stuff listed and some nice feature improvements, like Radar now showing typing or sitting indicators and the ability to omit blocked avatars from showing on the map.

In all it looks like a version to look forward to.

I am using Firestorm more for photography now than I have over the past year. I also hope to do more machinima and get better at it. The Firestorm Viewer is certainly my choice for those tasks. So, I am looking forward to the coming release.

2 thoughts on “Second Life’s Firestorm Viewer 4.6.7 – Soon?

  1. The next Firestorm release will be based on LL V3.7.8 (that includes the viewer-interesting code), because everything after that is in terrible bad state thanks to AIS3, where attachments randomly disappear or re-attach at another attachment spot after TP, or the memory thrashing – just to mention 2 reasons. Even the interesting code from LL is in rather sub-optimal state IMHO (like rendering completely stalling when changing group tags)…

    • Thanks for saying.

      I have always been curious why changing group tags affects so many things. For a time it was the sure-fire way to fix bake fail.

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