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I have the Viewer Pages working… mostly. These pages use a custom page template that finds all the pages about viewers and then lists the posts for a specific viewer. Access the pages from the menu on the left.

The viewer pages are based on post category. So, you can get a similar list using the drop down category selector over in the right-hand column.

I want a different presentation with a sort-of sticky post at the top of the pages. That requires some tweaking to the WordPress files. I had that in the previous theme. Since my last blog theme was made from scratch and this one uses the theme Sunspot by Automattic I needed to build a child theme. That means I have to figure out what Automattic did and how to change it to get what I want.

I think I have most of it figured out. I don’t yet have the ‘Stuff’ pages working, only sort-of working. I had to figure out why navigation was not showing on some pages. :/ I corrected the problem in the Viewers pages. I have to redo the template of the Stuff Pages. I won’t get ot that until late this week or may be next week.

There are a couple of Stuff Pages that are not filtering correctly… :/ :/ Once I re-write the template for those pages it should list articles correctly.

I’ve tweaked some of the appearance too. If I have done it well, you won’t notice… other than the blog title.

Let me know if you run into problems. It is difficult testing for all the devices and screen sizes. So, I would expect some problems to have gotten past me.

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    • Thanks. It is going to take some figuring out as I can’t control the Google code and I use a plugin for placing the ads.

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