Cloud Party Gets an Update

This week Cloud Party rolled out some new features. Hamlet at NWN wrote about some of the changes: Cloud Party Adds Free Customizable Spaces, Social Sharing.

New Could Party Home Page

New Cloud Party Home Page

The home page of has changed. The page has images of “Builds” you can use for a private space.

When you sign in you have an option to select a NEW BUILD, where you will be building, or you can visit an existing build listed in the lower part of the home page.

The thinking is you could cobble to gather an auditorium for meeting very easily for a business presentation. Rather than work on building an environment you can concentrate on your presentation.

For free you can have unlimited small regions… clouds… whatever. You also get 5 free market place listings. Basic Support is part of the package.

For US$15/month or $12/mo if paid annually you get unlimited small, 2 medium size, private builds, 20 Market Place listings, and basic & billing support.

For US$100/month or 80/mo annual, you get unlimited small, 4 medium, 2 large, privates builds, 100 market place listings, and Online Support.

There were 4 small builds when I visited. They say there will be more.

I see that Henimations has a place in CP. So, we can look good dancing…

One thought on “Cloud Party Gets an Update

  1. “For free you can have unlimited small regions… clouds… whatever. ”

    “Build” seems to be the new terminology. Land/islands/lots seem to be out the window. The old community lots akin to Second Life’s parcels have been relegated to “legacy” status.

    The floating islands in skies are gone now too. So it seems the aim to be a lot more generic with these new “builds”, and less floating island themed mixed with Second Life-esque land subdivisions.

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