Oculus Rift Imaginings

I came across this and thought it pretty neat. GameTrailers.com does the top ten thing pretty often. In this case they are imagining which games they would like to see/play via the Oculus Rift. They make some interesting observations.

Oculus and Licensed Environments?

Oculus and Licensed Environments?

I am seeing lots of people suggesting that exploration games and virtual worlds are going to be more fun with Oculus… I suspect that mostly depends on the user. But, I’m looking forward to it.

You may not have noticed but, Myst was in the opening section. It is at about 20 sec in that you see a glimpse of Myst.

0:30 Amnesia – Looking around for what is after you… scary real. 

1:12 A Machine for Pigs

1:21 Berhesda – Incredible immersion

1:51 Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – Panoramic view of Rift allows more comprehension of the battlefield

2:26 Racing Games – Realism of cockpit – peripheral vision of Rift is a big advantage – motorized seats

2:58 End War – they see a new dynamic in combat games and talk about a couple of interesting possibilities.

3:37 Endless Ocean – Purity of exploration and immersion

4:25 Licensed Environments – This looks a bit like what Space Glasses is trying for. We have iPad w/Connectables and the Xbox w/Kinect offering something like this now. If nothing else check out this part. I think this is another big money maker part of the coming mobile market.

5:12 The Metro Series – … being able to deal with fast moving characters because of a more realistic field of view

6:10 – Minecraft – Building the world you play in. The difference between looking at what you build through a window verse being in there with it. Too bad they didn’t think of Second Life, Blocksworld, or Patterns.

6:40 Myst – Getting lost in the immersion of puzzle worlds like Myst. The advantages of improved observation in these types of worlds/games.

Interesting imagination…

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  1. Playing Racing games through Oculus Rift seems fascinating. It will impart more realism to the game which is what matters in online gaming.

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