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I originally intended for this blog to be a reference tool for myself.  People started reading it, seemed to enjoy it, and it became whatever it is today. But, there is a lot of great information in here. The problem is finding it.

I added the standard CATEGORIES widget in the left column. That gets you the main topics. But, that can still be a lot to look through and looking though 8 items per page can be tedious. Plus I tend to take periods were I run things together. Pathfinding and SSA get mixed in with other news.

I added the menu to some of the more popular things I and others are interested in. If you haven’t clicked a menu, you are missing out. 

I added pages for specific topics like the tutorials. From the menu you can access those pages. See The Stuff and Viewers in the menu. But, for now I keep those up manually, which means they tend to run behind. I also forget things.

A person can search my site using Google. If you use Chrome just type: as a URL. If you use Google proper from their site type: [space] .

I even had a WordPress search widget in the left column. But, none of these work as well as I want. The WordPress search widget just is horrible. It is a simplified SQL query maker. But, I tend to forget SQL nuances when I’m not working with SQL. I figure most of my readers don’t know SQL much less the nuances.

So… I went looking for a better solution. I found one I think I like. I’ll have to use it for a bit before I decide if I like it. The solution I found replaces the WordPress widget. As far as a visitor can tell, nothing here has changed, at least appearance-wise. But, the engine behind that search widget is very different.

Next time you need to find something, try it. I think you’ll like it. So, far I do.

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