Myst Online Update 2013

I came to Second Life from Must Online: Uru Live.  Uru is the only part of the Myst series to make it online. It didn’t do well. There is a whole saga about the game and how it earned the title: The Game that Won’t Die. Check the category here if your interested.

The Great Zero Machine in Second Life

The Great Zero Machine Replicated in Second Life

Uru Live is slowly going open source. The kink in this open source is the content is not going open source. That essentially means the game is still very much proprietary and restricted. So, there is never much new going on the current free Uru Live.

For some time fans have wanted a better forum. The existing form is pretty nice looking using a game related theme. Chogon, one of the Cyan World’s staff members, just announced that is going to happen. Chogon posted:

Cyan is going to move to a new hosting service. For the most part, everything should be the same and there is nothing you have to do differently. However, as part of the move the forums will be updated to phpbb 3!!!! The forum will look mostly the same but with many added improvements.

And the dreaded emailer error should be eradicated!

The heavy lifting of this project is being done by Hannah and smapty. With help from Tor’I  RAWA and greydragon (oh, and myself).

MystOnline Forum will be down on Monday June 24th!
The plan is to take down this forum on Monday June 24th, around 10am PDT and do the transition to the new place. It may take a couple days of down time before the new one is “live”. So, the forums will be unavailable from Monday June 24th to (probably) Wednesday June 26th. The web site should be available during the forum downtime. 

During the downtime, a snapshot of this forum will be taken so all postings will be on the new one when it becomes live. 

We will leave the Explorers user group intact along with the need to be a member before you can post. Theoretically, we should get less spam-bots with the updated forum software but we will wait until sometime after this migration venture is done before making a decision on that. 

[This post will be repeated in Off-Topic for discussion.] 


This will be the first upgrade to the forum in years. The mailer bug has been a pain. When posting in a thread that emails update notices to previous contributors the poster would get an error. That was hard on new users. They always think their computer goofed and they would try to repost. This could create a series of repeated posts. I’ve been there done that when the bug first hit. So, it will be nice that this is fixed.

The posting where the announcement is open to comments is here: moving – and forum UPDATE.

Starting Monday the 24th, the site will be on a new host. Depending on how quickly your DNS servers pick up the change you may see the sites down for a time. While it is possible to change hosts with no down time, it is tricky and it isn’t completely in a site owner’s control. There are lots of factors beyond any single person’s control. So, hope for the best.

It is nice to see the system getting some attention.

2 thoughts on “Myst Online Update 2013

  1. Nice to see it’s still faring well. Unfourtinately I’ve lost touch with the community ever since the closing of UruObsession. Once GameTap had the UruLive promo in Second Life, I got hooked. Sadly the community in UruLive there was pretty divided on their opinion of SL.

    • That divided opinion about SL seems to have toned down, but yes. The Cyan haters seem to have been rained in and mostly stay on their site. But, it seems the majority of fans on the Myst forum are new people. They have to ask all the same questions and try all the things to move Uru forward we tried years ago. Some portion of them show up in SL and OpenSim to the Myst-like builds.

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