Second Life Region Crossings

If you regularly read this blog you know that the Multi-Threaded Region-Crossing code rolled to the main channel last week (5). We’ve had the code running for a week as I write this. So, how is it working for you?

WolfBaginski Bearsfoot has written up his experience now that the code is in place. See: Region Crossing: A Report On Experience. Wolf thinks crossing are not as good as they once were… I suppose he means like ‘ever.’ Personally I can’t remember when they were better. But, later he says there is little if any change when walking across regions, which is my experience.

It is small, but I do think I get control of my avatar a bit faster after a crossing. But, it is hard to say.

The Lindens have told us that those crossing from region to region will see little change with this update. Some time ago there was a problem when an avatar entered a region, mini-freezes. That was fixed. The problem that remained was the converse that regions experienced delays when an avatar left a region. Those left behind could see the region’s Time Dilation degrade.

Wolf sees region crossings with vehicles as being worse. I am not sure how to test this. One has to figure out whether it is how a vehicle is built or the servers that is at fault. To me it seems like that testing would take a number of vehicles made by different builders.

Also, without a base line test using the same set of vehicles before the code rollout it would be a matter of memory… and we know how well that doesn’t work. Still for someone that rides in lots of vehicles, memory could be a valid comparison point. So, what is your experience?

One thought on “Second Life Region Crossings

  1. I typically run around with only 8 scripts on, and a small amount of attachments.

    Prior to the rollout, there was a definite quarter second to half second lag while crossing regions. After the rollout, this seems to have moved to 1/10th of a second.

    People entering and leaving regions have FAR less impact on region than they once did, but on occasion it will lag out a bit. I think in part it has to do with how much scripted content a person is wearing, or if their viewer has the bandwidth settings too high.

    I have no experience with vehicle crossings since the patch.

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