Second Life News 2013-6

This week the main channel is getting the package that ran on the Le Tigre RC channel. The release notes lag behind. So, I’m fuzzy on what all is in this package. Maestro Linden describes it as miscellaneous bug fixes. I think that includes the fixes for scripting attachments to the Neck and Center attachment points and the change to how abandoned land is handled.

Centent & Mesh Meeting 2013-6

Centent & Mesh Meeting 2013-6

Release Candidates

Blue Steel continues to run the Materials Project update. We still do not have a test viewer, so we cannot play with the new feature. I suspect that may keep the package in the RC channels until after we get a project viewer. But, I could be wrong about that.

Le Tigre is running a maintenance package with unspecified bug and crash fixes. I always assume that means some security fixes.

Magnum is to get the updated Interest List package with fixes for the increased bandwidth problem. Bots that used LibOMV were hit hard by the problem. Some users were too. Also, the Materials updates are in this package too.

If Magnum and Blue Steel pass testing, we can expect Magnum to be promoted. That the Materials package is running on 2 channels suggests that the Lindens are trying to move that update forward. So, I may be wrong about it sitting until there is a viewer ready. Or… we may see a project viewer arrive this week.

Creator Name Possibilities

If you make things for RESALE, you know the problem of having your name show as the creator. You get support requests from people that bought the item from the person that bought your item. It can get frustrating. So, the possibility about doing something to solve that problem has come up a number of times.

Drongle McMahon asked, “Would it be possible to extend the permissions system with a setting that would allow a single reassignment of the visible creator field on transfer?

If implemented, this idea would solve one problem but create another. If permissions allowed me to buy full perm and replace the creator name with mine, then we could not track the original creator and Intellectual Property Rights would become unclear. The Lab would not easily be able to hold the original uploader responsible.

Plus there is the problem of the SL system tracking whether this is a first transfer or a subsequent full perm transfer.

The Lab wants the original creator listed forever for legal reasons. But, one could add another name attribute to the item.

As it is now, we provide full-perm mesh as a DAE file (see, which the buyer has to upload. If they do not have mesh upload permission, they have a problem. This complicates selling full-perm mesh.

It has been suggested that a new name field be added to the objects attributes, a Support Name. Or possibly an “obtained from:” field.

At the meeting no consensus was decided on. Nyx Linden is NOT going to file a feature request. So, if you think having a Support Name or Obtained From Name is a good thing, file a Feature Request, which is just a JIRA BUG report with the words Feature Request in the title.

Server Side Avatar Baking

This project is moving forward. The Lab is fixing bugs and testing. Third Party Developers are integrating the changes into their viewers and reporting bugs. There is nothing to tell us we are on or off target for a late February release of the feature.

The code is running in ADITI and there is a project viewer. Get the details in the Second Life Sunshine Project Page.

2 thoughts on “Second Life News 2013-6

  1. So exactly when will LL focus on the frustrating and ever lasting major bug of notice attachments failing as well as attachments on notices within the group. I shake my head at how LL can happily move forward with available resources to develop and release new features but have all but completely ignored this major bug i secondlife that so many of us havr to suffer with.

    I really wishef these weekly LL user group meeting could be held outside north american office hours so that more of us residents can attend and start putting some heat on LL about how they ignore major bugs like this.

    • I understand the meeting hours are a problem. Life is not fair.

      We also know that the Lindens are going to work on things based on their priorities and choices. Since we know that we deal with it or remain frustrated… or both in my case.

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