Patterns Released on Steam

I got an email from Rod Humble today. It had my key and download instructions for Patterns.

New Patterns

Thank you for your recent pre-order of the genesis release of Patterns, a new and exciting shared 3D creative space from Linden Lab.

This email contains important information about how to immediately download and activate your purchase.

We’re happy to announce that Patterns is now available for download on Steam, a digital media and gaming distribution service. In order to activate your purchase, you will need the following activation key.

Your product activation key is: ##MAGIC NUMBER##


Patterns can be downloaded now from Steam. If you’re new to Steam, you’ll first need to create a Steam account and then install the free Steam application on your desktop computer:

To play Patterns, launch the Steam application and log in using your Steam account name and password.

In Steam, select “Games” from the pull-down menu and then “Activate a Product on Steam.” Input your Patterns product key to activate and download the game. Next, the game will appear in your Library. Hit the “Play” button to begin the game! View our quickstart guide at

Patterns may already be available to play in Steam under the “Library” tab. However, if you do not see it listed, you can add it immediately using your Product Key listed above.

That’s it! We hope you enjoy Patterns and welcome your feedback. Join the conversation and connect with other members of the Patterns community at:

Thank you again for being an early supporter and founder of Patterns. As someone who pre-ordered Patterns, you also qualify for a unique opportunity to have your name featured in the credits of the game in version 1.0. We’ll be in touch soon in a separate email with more information on this exclusive opportunity.

Rod Humble
CEO, Linden Lab

One needs to install Steam (free) and create an account. The download is about 1.5mb. It is a simple install. Once installed it runs a program to update itself and finish the install. You are asked to agree to the ToS and then asked to agree to the Privacy Policy.

They send you an email to verify your email address. They send it in a couple of minutes. Once you have verified the address you can get started.

In the top menu there is a GAMES item. Click it. Avoid the ALL GAMES that is highlighted and stands out. Clicking that one will melt the planet…

When you go to Activate a Product the first screen will tell you to enter your activation key ‘here’. Well… their idea of here is not the same as mine. Click next. Eventually you’ll get to where you can paste in your activation key.

You’ll come to a screen where they suggest you print the registration. It has a confirmation code I assume you might need some day.

A couple of screens latter you can download Patterns. Steam will handle it in background and they say you can close Steam. Right. Like I don’t want it NOW!

The download and install is easy. Steam does most of it. A few more clicks and you are playing.


6 thoughts on “Patterns Released on Steam

  1. So what is the goal of this ‘game’? I see the price, but at the moment I have no idea why I would want to buy it. The quick start just tells me how to install it.

    Wonder if it is like a color etch a sketch and you draw things, or if it is like Lego blocks and you build things, or is it like a 3D Tetris and you avoid things or grab things, or maybe like Space Invaders and you shoot stuff.

    • It is an advanced Minecraft. There are no monsters to kill you. There is a sort of quest to find the various shapes you can collect and then use for building things. This is an early release. I think it is only accessible if you have the link from the email. But, I’m not sure.

    • With permission of Nalates, I made an entry on my blog too. I included a bit more detailed explanation and a gameplay video of 1 hour.

      But, like Nalates said already, the game is in TOO early stage to make a clear critic about it. For now is too simple and there are no goal. Is supossed to have mobs, pets, more materials, pieces and a lot mor stuff in upcoming updates.

      Here is the link in case of someone is interested:

      PS: Sorry if I am doing wrong posting here the link 😛

      • Lol the link is messed for some odd reasson…

        Here is just in plain text:

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