Second Life Inventory Beta Tests

Yesterday in the Server User Group Jenn Linden attended to request help with testing coming inventory changes. These tests are in progress now on the ADITI grid. This set of changes is about speed and reliability. This set of changes is not part of the Direct Delivery (DD)feature. It is expected to improve DD’s performance too, but the change is for improved speed and reliability.

Want to Help and Test?

The code for the change is deployed on the ADITI grid. Instructions for the test can be found in the SL Wiki. See Inventory Beta Tests. The page includes the regions names of the areas using the new inventory code.

It helps if you take someone with you to test or make a friend while there. Part of the test is about giving inventory items to others and receiving items from others.

There is also an odd step where you are asked to: Remove an attachment such that it tries but cannot rez and must be returned. That could have been worded better. It sounds a bit over educated. Basically, you need to DROP and attachment in a no-rez area. Oskar Linden set up some no-rez areas in the test regions for that part of the test. Pay attention to parcel names within the regions.

There are rez, no-rez, and fast return parcels in the four test regions. So, checking the parcel name is important.

Also, the tests described in the wiki are a starting point. If you know of or have an inventory task that causes you problems, try it in the test area. If you can break inventory in the test, describe the test in a JIRA and if you are confident enough about the repeat-ability add the test to the Wiki page too, or at least a link to the JIRA.

What’s Needed to Test?

😆 Well… obviously a viewer and some inventory… neither of which are in short supply. It doesn’t really matter which viewer you use. If you use an older V1 series viewer you will not be testing the new inventory API’s or see the change in speed. You will be testing the backward compatibility of the new code.

By using newer viewers you will be testing the new code.

Is it Safe?

It is an alpha test, so probably not. But, since it is the Preview grid in ADITI it doesn’t matter. Your inventory in the Preview Grid is a COPY from your inventory in the main grid, AGNI. Changes to inventory in ADITI do not affect your main grid inventory. You main inventory is safe.

If you don’t know, you can get an update of your inventory copied to ADITI by changing your SL password. If you need help getting into ADITI, the links for the ADITI-how-to are on the wiki page.

Inventory stability is a serious issue with Lab staff. They hate having to remove the tar and feathers from the Lab’s building in San Francisco. So, this Beta has supposedly been pretty well tested during alpha testing. The Beta tests in ADITI are the last step before moving the code to a release channel in the main grid.

Test Length

The test started 11/10 and will run to 11/16, this coming Wednesday.

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