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Today talking in the Singularity Group the subject of My Outfits in Appearance came up. As any well dressed avatar knows the My Outfits is a big step forward. It allows mixing and matching outfits using No-Copy items. This is great and my reason for using My Outfits in Appearance.

The problem we quickly run into is we cannot organize My Outfits. Well… we can and we can’t. I’ll explain.

We can look into the My Outfits folder two different ways. If you open your inventory and open My Outfits, you can create folders and organize things. So in My Inventory/My Outfits I have a subfolder named Asian, giving me: My Inventory/My Outfits/Asian.

I have my cheongsams other Asian style dresses in that folder, easy organization. I can even drag the folders out of My Outfits and put them in say, My Inventory/Clothes/Dresses. All seems to work well.

However, if I go into Appearance, the other way into My Outfits, every Outfit I have is shown in alphabetical order. There is no organization. The subfolders show. But they do not collapse or expend to hide and reveal the folders inside.

Also, if I open the ‘subfolder’ Asian made for organization it shows everything from every folder I put inside. So, if there are a dozen different outfits in My Inventory/My Outfits/Asian each with its own pair of shoes, in Appearance my Asian folder appears as a single outfit folder and now contains a dozen pair of shoes. It is a useless folder in Appearance.

What to Do

If you have seen these problems in your use of My Outfits, you may want to join us in the JIRA VWR-17582Please provide the ability to make folders for outfits. Please visit and click WATCH. (Votes do not count only WATCH counts.)

A similar issue is: VWR-17596Folders added to My Outfits in Inventory do not appear in My Appearance-My Outfits.

In Second Life this has not received much attention. I suppose the guys programming this stuff think 2 outfits is a lot. 🙄 I’m pretty sure that more than half of my 25k+ inventory is clothes and accessories.

If you use Singularity, visit their JIRA: Issue 225 – Unable to move clothing from “My Outfits” folder to created category clothing folders.

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