#SL Adds Image Posting to Feed

I just saw where Opensource Obscure posted in his feed that the current development viewer allows images to be posted to our feed. I have yet to learn out or try it out. But, its on my list.

Update: Was on my list… 🙂

OK I found it. Press Ctrl-Shift-S to open the camera snapshot panel. See the image for the new panel in viewer 3.2.3 (the development viewer (244722).

Second Life Viewer

New Snapshot Features

Sending the image to your feed incurs no cost.

This is a nifty little feature. But there is more.

Freeze Frame

This is a new feature in the Advanced Panel of the Camera Snapshot panel. It is awkward to explain. Lance has the feature in Dolphin 3 too.

Because the viewer is rendering the world it can freeze the world. Previous to this feature being added, we would freeze the screen, essentially taking a screen capture still image.

Freeze Frame is different. The world, all moving things, avatars, and everything is frozen in place. BUT… not the camera. You can press Alt-LMB and move the camera to a new position.

This is great for those animations I have that make poses I want to capture. Once I freeze my avatar I can adjust my camera and get the exact picture I want. Awesome.

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    • Wow! I did not know that… I suppose that indicates the scope of user interface challenges the Lab faces.

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