OSGrid Update Week 7

Some time Tuesday we should get a new version of the server software. Several things have been fixed. One big one is; throttling, the ability to evenly split up bandwidth usage. That prevents a visitor with a fast Internet connection and high viewer settings from taking a disproportionate amount of the available bandwidth, which lags other visitors. A common problem for home based regions.

One must update their INI files to use throttling. The actual lines that need to be in the opensim.ini file can be found here.

There has been a teleport problem causing crashes. Tuesday’s release should correct that problem. This has been an annoyance for some time. I look forward to having my teleport units working again.

Justincc blogs about the detail changes to OpenSim each week. See: http://justincc.org/blog

A bug that was causing stack overflow problems last week has been fixed. It was related to throttling.

The occasional failure of OpenJPEG to correctly decompress a sculpty file is causing problems in the ODE physics engine. The only real problem from this is additional console spam and fat logs. Whatever, the work around for now is to set mesh_sculpted_prim = false.

There are still problems with avatar appearance for those trying to use the SL Mesh Project Viewer in OSGrid, I suppose any OpenSim grid. I suspect anyone using a viewer moving over to SLV2 code is going to have problems. I haven’t been testing viewers on OSGrid. I’ve had my regions down more than up because of the teleporting problems. Hopefully I’ll get to see how some of the new viewers do in OSGrid this week.

The upgrade to 0.7.1 is getting close. Some parcel prim count stuff has to be finished than it can release to OSGrid. Those testing it on Danger Grid say it preforms noticeably better than the current 0.7.1.dev.

The friends lists are a problem. They are still inconsistent. One may be missing some friends during one login and have them show up in a latter login. The problems seem to extend to Calling Cards too.

Ghosting, the av fail to rez kind, is still a problem on OSGrid. I’ve been having fewer av rez problems but I’m using a specific viewer only on OSGrid. That may be helping. In any event, if you have a problem of repeatedly not rezzing on OSGrid, change your clothes. Avoid continuing to wear the same clothes they MAY be causing a problem. If OpenJPEG is having a problem with a texture, it could be adding to the problem.

Some other people have noticed using the same viewer on multiple grids tends to cause more problems. This suggests that one should have separate caches for each grid, not just each viewer. One can do that by adding command line options to the startup shortcuts.

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