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Svarga Returns

I am a Myst fan and a fan of worlds like the Myst worlds created by Cyan Worlds, inc.

Today I am excited to see that Svarga is back!!! I loved the place. It is like a beautiful painting. It has high graphics qualities. It should be amazing in KirstenLee’s Shadow viewer. The ecosystem in Svarga is beyond anything we had/have in Myst’s Uru Live. But that is apples and oranges. See the article at New World Notes (NWN) for the story: Svarga, Artificial Ecosystem Island, Is Back in Second Life! (Updated: It Was Purchased From Creator By Linden Lab)

Also a new region opens today. NWN wrote about it too. See: Nemo Rises: Awe-Inspiring Underwater Steampunk City Inspired By Jules Verne Opens Today! This looks fun. The steampunk style looks a bit like Myst.

I came to SL from Myst Online Uru Live. I think most know it has come back on line after 2 years off line. See the Myst Online Play page. It’s free… and no economy… so no way to spend money. 🙂

It was Svarga that I used to show friends from Uru Live what could be done in SL. I even used it as part of a tutorial for other Uru Live fans wanting to explore SL, see: SL Visitors Help Document for Myst Uru explorers. I am happy it is back. I look forward to seeing Nemo Rises.

We have about 600+ Myst Uru fans in SL. Now that Uru Live is online again that may have dropped off a bit. I’ll have to do a check and see. The D’ni Refugees is the primary group for Myst fans. However, may of us have been spoiled by SL and will now play in both worlds.

Many Myst fans are building things in SL. I started a thread on, a Myst fan forum, that shows building in SL & OpenSim and compare it to building for Uru Live. It is more of an example than a point-by-point. I use the viewer to make a piling for a boat dock. Then show the steps in Blender to make the piling. Check it out here: SL/OS/Myst-Uru Building

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