Script Limits in Second Life

Most of us that work with scripts and those that own land have heard Script Limits are coming. For many this is scary as it affects so many things.

Ever wonder what happens to an AV wearing scripted objects that enters an area at its script limit? You might expect your AO to stop working. But vehicles one is ‘sitting’ in may be returned to owner … its undecided. But what if your AO is returned to you also? Hmmmm. Not good. But, that AO return probably won’t happen. You’ll just walk funny.

Not much has been reported lately. Getting information on where Lindens are in the process is difficult.

There are however some places where one can find out what is going on.

Thread on SL Forum:

Babbage Linden is another source of information as he is doing most of the planning. (scroll down for transcript list)

It appears this is not something that will happen soon. It is a complex change and affects many things. I expect the Lindens to be very cautious with the change and the implementation. But we certainly want to be planning now.

4 thoughts on “Script Limits in Second Life

  1. If the number of scripts are going to be limited, than everyone who has purchased items anywhere in SL with scripts inside them will be demanding a refund. If this happens en mass, than say goodbye to Second Life because nobody will be purchasing anything from anyone. SL cannot exist without scripts, and few people will be willing to part with their AO’s, their HUD’s, their vehicles, their scripted clothes, their avatars, and other things that they had paid for with very real money. The only reason that Second Life is still around is the popularity combined with the freedoms of creativity and expression, and the profits made by Microsoft (SL), Linden Labs, major corporate IT networks, and the users. Setting limits will only serve to increase the number of scripts that every sim owner uses, thus denying service to customers that have paid for items. The only outcome of this sort of restriction is commercial suicide.

    • Mick the sky really isn’t falling. Well made scripts are in copy items and have a remove script function.

      Once I realized what problems scripts in attachments were causing I got a scale and started checking script weight. I still wear all the stuff I want, jewelry, shoes, hair, AO, and etc. I don’t feel the least restricted. But, I have a very light script weight… unless I gear up for combat.

      I’ve also been experimenting with mesh and scripts. My stuff is avatar sized. I find it costs less prim-wise even with scripts.

      The real out come of the new Land Impact or real resource costs is going to be less lag in SL and more efficient items, client render side and server load side, in SL. The old path of unlimited resource use unrelated to a RL cost was the path to suicide.

    • I can’t wait for this script limitation.
      ” few people will be willing to part with their AO’s” AO needs 2-3 scripts. In case you use some TPV, the are client side (zero scripts needed)
      “freedoms of creativity and expression”. Your freedom ends where my freedom to don’t dive in the lag starts.
      “denying service to customers that have paid for items.” Exactly, with your lag you are denying service (SL experience is a service) to other people.
      Noobs and woman accessoried more than Christmas trees with 500 script only for their amazing heels and hair (probably with a kill script option inside – but they never cared to make a backup copy and wear the unscripted version) will stop to ruin the lag to ‘R’esident who cares about lag trying to roam around as lightscripted as possible. Whatever you could need to wear for your allday experience, it’s not accettable to go over 100 script worn. I saw people taking 24Mb of sim memory resources. Any owner should instantly eject this kind of people and fill AR for Sim resources abuse. And I saw amazing and powerful scripted objects, HUDs and accessories with really few scripts. It’s simple: an huge amount of script means poor scripting skill and poor quality. Plus it’s our fault if we buy no modify items we cannot scrub. If we don’t buy, designers will learn te lesson too.
      Script amount limitation for a better SL.

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