When Second Life Turns Six…

On June 23, 2009, Second Life turns 6 years old.

Linden Lab has set aside 20 regions for the Birthday celebration, and Resident organizers are busy carving it into parcels where you can build and share your particular future. Residents will be building what they think will be the future of virtual worlds.

There is a two week application period (ends May 20) in which to apply for space, in which to build an exhibit. The plot sizes available are: 512 m2 (117 prims), 1024 m2 (234 prims) or 2048 m2 (468 prims). Plus they have small booths (15 prims) for those who just want to display images, signs, concepts or a simple object.

They will be featuring both live performers and DJ’s from around Second Life! If you’d like to come and play, we invite DJ’s to contact Jewelkicker Spearmann or Gage Goodliffe in-world. Live Performers can contact Glimmer Silversta.

Read More on the Second Life BlogRequires SL Account to read – Application form can be found there.

This is Second Life’s Birthday party and is one of the bigger in-world events.

This is a Second Life PG event.

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