A New Thing in Computer Logic

College of Scripting, Music and Science

College of Scripting, Music and Science

Second Life’s College of Scripting, Music and Science is a handy in-world reference for the Linden Scripting Language (LSL) that allows browsing. It is also a great place to send new residents to learn about Second Life. Around the landing area they have instructions every new player needs. Inside their building they have the scripting language references. But they have added something really different in their recent update.

The college’s reference rooms are a quick answer place when I can’t remember an LSL command or how something is done. The information is displayed on small billboard type reference cards. They have been updating them. I found a wonderful but surprising addition in the logic section. There is a set of reference cards on … thinking … or may be ‘debate’ would be a better word choice.

Debate Tactics in the Logic Section

Debate Tactics in the Logic Section

If you have ever been posting on a blog, forum or debating someone in SL and felt yourself losing a debate to viewpoints you knew could not be correct… or just not able to get your point across, this is a section of the college you will want to check out. For those that have never been taught debate this can be a very enlightening read. Understanding how people avoid responding to a valid point by using diversionary tactics makes it easy to tell when a debate is over.


College of Scripting - Books

If you are wondering how this fits into computer logic, it does. I suspect many programmers never make the connection from the tech to human discourse. Those learning programming are often confused when they have to deal with ‘computer logic’. I suspect they are also challenged when faced with these logic decisions in conversation. A clear understanding of how computers model activities (light on or off) requires a clear understanding of how we deal with our environment. We get that if a light is on we can’t turn it on. But how does one tell a computer that obvious-to-humans bit of logic? What few seem to get is that dealing with computers is about precise language. If we are imprecise in our use of language in casual conversation and sloppy in our thinking, it is hard to make that change when we try to instruct a computer.

I’m impressed with the College’s addition of these reference cards. They may help improve the level of human discourse.

They also have YouTube.com tutorials: SL College of Scripting Video Tutorials

There is a Second Life Wiki page on College of Scripting

The College of Scripting offers in-world books on scripting

The College is Owned by: Keystoner March, Shera Beam and Darwin Recreant.

What do you call a person that uses these tactics when debating?

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  2. Thanks for sharing this – I think I didn’t know this resource and it looks great and very useful. I’m logging in Second Life right now to visit it.

    Interesting thoughts on the ‘debate’ topic as well.

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