Second Life in the News – Week 43-2

The Boston Globe has run an article titled: Second Life shows new promise as virtual forum for diabetes education. The article is about the Boston Medical Center training diabetics how to manage their condition via classes in Second Life™.

Blowing my diet on Food Friday 9.13.13

Blowing my diet on Food Friday

The Center did a study to see how effective the class was. They assigned half the study participants to a class in SL and the other half to a class at the hospital. Quoting the Globe:

The trial was a hit. Mitchell said the Second Life participants didn’t just sit in on the course sessions. They made friends, swapped recipes, had dance sessions, hung out. Most tellingly, participants wanted to know if they could involve their families in the game too.

The results were both groups progressed at the same rates and improved in equal amounts. But, it was the SL group that evidenced more engagement and learning persistence.

Second Life in the News – Week 42

Most of the news coverage of Second Life™ is about SL. But, the blog Business 2 Community has an article about how one can use SL to promote a web site. Different.

See: How You Can Use Second Life to Promote Your Website.

The author Lori Soard promotes SL as having 20 million users… that should tell you something about this author’s knowledge of SL… or lack of… At best we probably have about a million or two unique active users in a year.

Cirque de Seraphim

Cirque de Seraphim

Lori presents a couple of case studies; Novelist Karen Kay and the idea of Health Promotion.

The odd thing is the novelist used her RL connection with readers to promote a class in SL. Seems this isn’t using SL for promotion, just the opposite. Then Lori says, “…This is a fun way to attract new customers, or in her case readers, you might not otherwise attract.” Have you ever tried to attract people in SL to an event? What results did you get?
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Second Life in the News Week 42

Second Life is part of a presentation at the Burlington Performing Arts CentreI (Burlington ON, L7S 1T7). The performance calendar describes it this way:

Tottering Biped @ Burlington Performing Arts Centre - Oct 2015

Tottering Biped @ Burlington Performing Arts Centre – Oct 2015

The online virtual world of ‘Second Life’ stretches thousands of kilometers and millions of visitors. While searching for her lost sister, Jessica struggles to find out what – and who – are real. Life and its double are at stake in this multi-media exploration of loss in the digital age. The Second Life was devised by the company through workshops with light, movement, and text over a four-year period. The Second Life explores the increasingly fluid relationship between the real, the digital and the spiritual.

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Ebbe Altberg Interview Week 30

Jo Yardley points us to an interview with Ebbe on Linden Lab Looks to the Future of Online Experiences. There are a few interesting bits in the Interview. this is an article ABOUT the interview not a transcript.

233 Dance studio

233 Dance studio

Age limit: 13… really!?! Yes… Ebbe says the Lab has the experience to know how to separate content and keep the young safe. I suppose that means regions/experiences will have a rating and those will work with the viewer to limit access and exposure. Since users will be less anonymous by the time they have significant build rights this should an enforceable concept.

This also tells us we are going to have sex in Sansar, aka SL 2.0. Continue reading

Second Life: Dr. Phil?

Oh noooo… everyone is writing about Dr. Phil doing a show on computer gaming. The show aired on CBS this Tuesday (7/14 – 3PM PT – I was working). For Second Life residents the big deal was to be some coverage of Second Life and an interview with Ebbe Altberg, the Linden Lab CEO.

Hurry and see the video. I’m not sure whether CBS will allow it to remain. 1/5/2016: Some have been removed others have remained. This one replaces the one I originally used.

Drax is said to have helped setup the in-world parts.

Dr. Phil visits Second Life and 1920s Berlin

Dr. Phil Features Second Life in Show on Game Addiction

I Met Dr. Phil in Second Life! – If you only have time for one, read Strawberry’s. She has a play-by-play of the show on Plurk.

Second Life in the news Week 23

Massively Overpowered points to an article at Rock, Paper, Gun that mentions Second Life™. See: The Declining Magic Of MMOs.

A gathering of angels can enlighten the whole world.

A gathering of angels can enlighten the whole world. by Kaelyn Alecto, on Flickr

The author, Richard Cobbett, is writing about the declining audience for MMO’s. He thinks that is due to a lack of magic. He makes a reasonable point and I can see his point at work in a number of places.

With the onetime best selling game Myst, the magic was the new level of imagery possible with the advent of CD delivered games. With World of Warcraft it was the magic of being the first MMO to interest a large audience or said another way: have LOTS of players.

Second Life is mentioned as never making it because of complexity, cost, and clunkiness. In other words too hard to learn. Minecraft overcame those problems and became a larger success.

I suppose if this idea of magic is true, the next big success will be virtual worlds that support virtual reality and do a good job of it. That places Project SANSAR in a good position. I think it is a matter of whether or not Linden Lab can remedy the complexity. I am pretty sure cost and clunkiness will get handled. But, the Lab is likely to have to decide if they are going to build a Minecraft easy thing for kids or a more adult and complex world for advanced hobbyists and professional 3D modeling types. Can they come up with a way for type to use SANSAR aka SL 2.0.

Second Life in the NEWS

Massively Overpowered has an article by Bree Royce, I think she wrote it, titled SEX, LOVE, AND MMOS in the Working as Intended column. Second Life™ is mentioned but is not the focus. The image used for the article is from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Save Your Advice Cause I Won't Hear

Save Your Advice Cause I Won’t Hear by [ ], on Flickr

Bree is on about the hypocrisy of those diss’ing those that role play sexual encounters in games. Also, the ridiculous concepts of putting down those RP’ing sex while playing as mostly nude female warriors slaughtering their way to the next level.  Continue reading