Massively Resurrected

In February of this year I wrote about Massively closing: Massively Closing? Today I see that Massively Overpowered launched February 10th. is a new effort by the founding staff of the now closed Massively site, formerly part of Joystick.

See: About Massively Overpowered.

Massively Overpowered

Massively Overpowered

I found them because they published: MEET THE MMO THAT LIVES IN SECOND LIFE. This is another article about Remnants of Earth.

They do have a Second Life category. But, I only found two articles there. But… they have only been running this site since February.

Second Life in the News

I am seeing articles about Second Life™ popping up much more often. Today I see another article appearing on PC Gamer. This one is by Ian Dransfield and titled: Remnants of Earth: the MMO inside Second Life.

Remnants of Earth Landing Point - 2015

Remnants of Earth Landing Point – 2015

Again, this does not appear to be written by one knowledgeable about Second Life. From just this article, I suspect whatever experience Ian has with SL is cursory. I suspect most of the story came from watching the video trailer about Remnants of Earth. Continue reading

Second Life in the News Week 14 #2

Another article on Second Life has popped up. It seems this one is spawned by the video promoting Remnants of Earth. You have likely seen it on several SL related blogs. (5 min video)

If you were starting to imagine the media was becoming more… accurate, balanced, truthful, and actually researching their thinking before writing, give that idea up. This writer seems to have formed most of his opinion of SL from watching the video.

See: Players Build An MMO Within Second Life, Looks Amazing.

At least there no erect noob photos… So, this article while not as accurate as it could be, doesn’t present SL in a false light. …if omitting comments about lag in a game like this isn’t a concern.

I am curious how gamers, the EVE and WoW type gamers, will review Remnants after they try playing it.


Second Life in the News Week 14

Another article about Second Life appeared in, of all place, the Leavenworth Times…

See: This company was 13 years early to virtual reality — and it’s getting ready to try again


CUTE BABES by Anna Ivanovna (Genesis Lab. owner), on Flickr

Matt Weinberger wrote the article and did a decent job of it. Matt is focusing on the business possibilities the new VR revolution is offering.  Continue reading

Second Life in the News

Second Life™ gets a load of bad press. Now and then someone writes an intelligent piece. Mark Hay has written an intelligent piece: Second Life is Staying Alive. And the images used in the article are recent 2014-2015 images. Wow!

Second Life Staying Alive

Second Life Staying Alive

So, I think this article is worthy of our attention and support. It does put an interesting spin on Second Life and why it remains an active place.

The site this article is on is GOOD, a magazine for the global citizen.

Second Life in the News

Business Insider has an article up on Second Life: Second Life Has Devolved Into A Post-Apocalyptic Virtual World, And The Weirdest Thing Is How Many People Still Use It. Karyne Levy wrote the article. He/She (?) quotes William Reed Seal-Foss a regular on the Metaverse Podcasts with a generally negative stand on Second Life.

While Karyne distorts what SL is and misses much of what is going on, the article is not that bad. It is just the typical ignorant writer writing without bothering to do more than a minimal amount of research on their article. A basic noobie thinking they know what SL is.

You can join BI and leave comments several have. Jo Yardley comments at length. She and others referred Karyne to Flickr’s SL Looking Good, which has some awesome pictures from within SL. Jo and a couple of others refer Karyne to Drax’s World Makers on YouTube. The play list there is getting impressive.  Continue reading