New ADITI Fix Out

Simon Linden tells us that some work has been done on the Preview Grid’s (ADITI’s) database. This is because we ADITI users have been having inventory problems over on the Preview Grid. This has been a hit-and-miss change your password roulette. One kept changing their password until it worked or they ran out of patience and used an alternate.

When users change passwords, there main grid inventory is copied over to the ADITI inventory servers, which are not to be confused with the asset servers. As I understand it there is only one asset system. But, the list of what you own is kept in a inventory database and there are different inventory servers for ADITI and AGNI the main grid.

Lots of people that change their password for security, a good thing to do, but do not use ADITI. That loads up the ADITI inventory servers with useless data.

At one point the word was the Lab was going to get bigger inventory servers for ADITI. But, that seems to have evolved, or may be devolved, into clear-out-the-junk-first type thing. So, I am guessing that it is cheaper to spend time programming a way to detect users and non-users of ADITI and cull data than it is to buy the hardware… which seems a bit odd to me. But, I’m not building multi-user data systems, so what do I know? Not much.

However, Simon Linden tells us work on the database for ADITI has been recently completed. I suppose recently as in days. So, the ADITI grid should be working better. I am not clear if this is a permanent fix or not, something that will run from now on or something that will have be done periodically. We’ll learn over time.

So, if you have had problems, change your password, wait at least 24 hours and 48 maybe better, and login. See if things are better.

It also seems that when rollouts are happening there is something going on with the Inventory Systems. Today it seems it took sometime after the rollouts for all the inventory systems to come back up. I don’t know if this is regular part of the restarts or not. But, I doubt that it is. Whatever, today the ADITI inventory servers did not fully come up until late in the day.

2 thoughts on “New ADITI Fix Out

  1. I haven’t been able to log in for two days and still can’t/ I don’t want to change my password and lose hundreds of debugging meshes. Please do let us know if you get any further information on this.

    • Whoa… I have not heard of anyone that has gotten their inventory working without a password change. But, changing password is the reflexive fix recommendation. You might try contacting Andrew or Caleb Linden to see what they recommend.

      Try again today. I don’t know what was going on with the Inventory systems that they were down.

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