ADITI IP Tutorial Problems

Some users are having a problem seeing the Mesh IP Rights Test. If you have uploaded mesh to the Preview grid you know that you have to take the test once for the main grid and again for the Preview/Beta Grid ADITI. Only after passing the test can you upload mesh objects.

Their browsers are showing a blank page. BUG-1640Mesh Upload Verification – IP Tutorial in Aditi Grid leads to blank page – unable to verify for meshuploads.

There is no ‘for certain’ fix or work around. Try using different browsers. Try logging out of the web site and closing your viewer. Then clear your browser’s cache. Then use this link: Second Life Preview Grid IP Tutorial.

If you cannot get to the tutorial, file a trouble ticket and refer to BUG-1640. If you choose to file a JIRA Bug Report, file in the WEB project and refer to BUG-1640.

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