Second Life: Content Creation 2018-11/29

I’ve had problems with Adobe’s Premiere Pro 2019, as have a bunch of other people. As I use that software to edit these videos, I haven’t been posting. That and RL time availability.

The CCUG meetings have been mostly about Animesh. However, they have been covering the status of various projects in Second Life. In this video, we get information on Animesh, Bakes On Mesh, and EEP.

Oz Linden opens with the status of BoM. Using the Project Viewer, you can test BoM everywhere in SL. The feature is provided by a backend service, formerly known as Server-Side Baking (a 2012 thing). The service bakes the appearance of a classic avatar into three composite textures combining skin, tats, underwear, and clothes. This service has now been updated to handle classic and mesh avatars and we call it BoM to distinguish it from SSB.

The Lindens seem a bit nervous about how well the service is working. From their side of things all looks well. However, users have ways of breaking and overloading things in ways the Lindens did not anticipate. So, they are hoping users will use the BoM Project Viewer (alternate Viewers) to test the service.

I think the most helpful tutorial-like thing for Bakes on Mesh (BoM) is the SL Forum section, Bakes on Mesh. The SL Wiki and Knowledge Base aren’t up to date. The Lindens tend to wait on those updates until they are sure they have it right.

To use BoM now you need the Project Viewer and a mesh body made for animesh.


We know Animesh is out and now a released feature. Third-party viewers are adding the feature or already have it. We are waiting for Firestorm to update and include it. A number of merchants are waiting to market their animesh products until after Firestorm updates.

At 06:30 TM Bec Janus talks about the status of the Firestorm viewer. (In local chat) So, from what was said I suspect by now there should be a version out to the FS Beta Testers.


Enhanced Environment Project is getting closer to release. Rider Linden is finishing up the scripting features. It can be tried out in Aditi and Agni. In Aditi find the EEPTesting region, that is its name. You can take ownership of parcels and experiment with EEP. In Agni you must own land in a region in the Snack Channel. You can open HELP->About… and if the region is in an RC or Snack channel it will say so.

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