Project Bento Update 2016 w36

I have my new computer running. This is the first large video I’ve done with it. The viewers perform way better than on the old computer. I bottom out at about 20 FPS instead of 2 and average 40-50 FPS. Look at last weeks video to see the difference.

I haven’t decided on a video capture program. I tried the XBox recorder (Game DVR) built into Win 10. It isn’t what I need. It automatically shuts off at 60 minutes. Problem. Plus it only records what is in a window, meaning not good for tutorials. Plus the voice recording was horrible. I spent most of my time editing this video just getting voices intelligible. Some of it is still a mumbled blur.

The video is 1080.

The news on Bento is we are nearing the end of phase one. Several people expect the Project viewer to change to RC status soon.


Indexes are work. I’m rushing these. So, they aren’t perfectly accurate time marks. Also my synopses are way brief. There is some good info in the video. I apologize for horrible audio.

0:00 Medhue and Teager are talking to Mahadma on how to use a second set of bones to animate the first set to avoid rotation problems… I think that’s why.

6:20 Vir Linden starts the agenda. – AvaStar Update progressing request for feedback. Consensus seems to be it is working well.

9:09 Vir is on about funny bone mapping affecting movement.

9:28 Collision volumes. Animating with collision bones and volumes. These bones are used for fitted mesh and ray-casting to detect collisions. Best use is to consider collision bones as only an approximation of shape. But, they can be animated. There are volume constraints.

13:20 Test Build information. Test build allows attempting to over ride scale, that also mean the sliders. The feature is not certain to make it into Bento. There is a link to a viewer build in the video 16:20+/-.

16:45 End of Agenda

17:00 Jaw position problem. Teeth poking out. – Here you can hear her say look from the bottom up to see lip problem. But, voice was so bad I time I couldn’t understand what she said. It cleaned up better than I expected. Whatever, I missed the shot.

21:00 Matrice is warning that AvaStar is currently having a problem exporting stale mesh. This means update scale and rotation values before exporting. Lots more explanation in video.

24:00 Mahadma talking about distortion problem.

27:00 Matrice AvatStar 2 Alpha 8 to release, it has.

29:00 Vir points to the visualization models he described. See: Avatar Testing and Visualization Kit (Free)

31:00 Displaying Collision Volume.

34:30 Bento RC ETA.

35:00 Skeleton/height updating causing position shift.

40:00 Talking about Medhue video. Updating Bento Rig with Avastar (I think)

44:00 Vir has left. Meeting is a bit geek tech and hard to follow. Also, there were some voice sections I just cold not recover. I am sure there is a way to increase volume beyond the max level setting. But, I don’t know it yet.

52:00 Here you can Aki’s upper body moving with the wyvren while her hips are stationary. I think this is the problem talked about at TM 35:00 and some place earlier…  a parent-child bone problem.

Video runs to 1:00:00.

3 thoughts on “Project Bento Update 2016 w36

  1. If you are using the viewer in Windowed mode it is not 1080P unless you are using a monitor that has a higher resolution than 1080P. It is actually more like 1058 or so. Which is why I record now at 1920×800 or if I have to 1280×720. On a 1080P monitor you can use the new DSR function in the Nvidia Control Panel to get true 1080P or higher if you are of a mind to (capture 1440P or 4k on a 1080P monitor). In that case you can disable antialising since it’s not needed but you do lose some fps and of course the captured video files are larger. But it does allow better quality cropping to 1080P. Another way to get full screen is to put the viewer into full screen mode. I use Fraps (lossless capture) to record but a good free one is MSI Afterburner (lossy capture and much smaller files useful if you don’t intend to do any post editing and a re-render which would lower quality). What is the new video card? I have determined with tests that unparking the cpus results in higher performance. You will probably want to limit frames to 30 (60 with fast motion involved) since that will lower your gpu temps, gpu usuage and power used significantly and then you can use the the headroom to enable more graphic features. AA I use is 2x and AF doesn’t have much of a performance hit with the fast video cards.

  2. You could try using OBS Studio for recording. It’s a bit more work to setup, possibly, but I find it gives pretty excellent results.

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