Second Life: What is the BEST use of Outfits?

I REPLACE my current outfit with the old outfit. Then open my Nude base avatar. Of course none of the new stuff, i.e., Slink body, is worn. I can easy see what I need to update and wear or add those things. Once I have the outfit updated I can select SAVE instead of the default Save As… I usually rename the outfit changing the year, ACI, and whether it is classic, mesh, or Slink.

The update goes quickly.

The Things

I have stuff I bought in 2008… well I was much more into free stuff then… that is still floating around in inventory. About 2014 I began to realize I needed some way to get OLD stuff out of inventory. Now I have a folder for SHOES. It used to have CFM’s, Spikes, boots, favs, and just a chaotic mess. Now I have SHOES->[2014, 2015, 2016]->[Slink, Classic]->[shoe name].


I do something similar with dresses, tops, latex, etc. Most of my folders now have a YEAR folder.

I am not obsessive about keeping 2014 stuff in the 2014 folder. If it is a favorite and I wear it often, I may move it to the 2016 folder. But, I mostly leave it in the folder of the year I got it.

This is making it much easier and faster for me to go through and clean things out.


2 thoughts on “Second Life: What is the BEST use of Outfits?

  1. “Inventory uses memory but, inventory is basically a text-list of your stuff. I’m not sure how many characters are used for each item. It appears to be 256 or fewer characters but, I have no hard information.”

    Each inventory item is a LLFolderViewItem a collection of around 80 bytes of data (for v1 viewers, around 128 for v2/3/4 viewers), plus a few std::string’s (for the label (i.e. the name of the item), the tool tip, the sort/search strings, etc). But it’s not finished: a LLFolderViewItem is in fact a child class of a LLView, and there, you must add even more bytes (around 100 more bytes of data, plus strings, vectors/maps, etc). All in all (with the strings, 16 bits padding bytes, etc), you can count around 250/400 bytes per inventory item (closer to the maximum for v2+ UI viewer and to the minimum for v1 UI viewers)…

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