Second Life News 2016-19


This week there was no roll to the main channel.



The RC channels all got the same package, today 5/11. The stated changes are: Minor internal improvements. No visible functional changes to Second Life


Default Second Life Viewer – Formerly the Maintenance RC Viewer. See Second Life Third Party Viewer Meeting Week 18 for details.

Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version – I think this one should be promoted soon. I would guess next week (20).

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – I think we will see use of this viewer move from just the ADITI grid to include the main AGNI grid, probably this month.

Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – Who knows… The Lab is working on an update. The viewer had little attention for a year or so. Now it is having to catch up with the LL Viewers and the Oculus Rift changes.

I am starting to wonder if the Lab is doing more than just catch up work. We’ve heard that adapting to the latest SDK for Oculus has been challenging. But, months’ worth? Maybe. But, maybe not. I suspect they may be grinding a bit on performance. But, I have nothing to support that speculation.

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