Second Life Third Party Viewer Meeting 4/8


The Lab is about to freeze the Bento skeleton. They won’t allow use of the new skeleton on Agni until the Bento Project is complete.

There are currently 123 bones + the collision bones + a couple more attachment points and there may yet be a couple more attachment points added.



The Lindens have done performance tests to determine how much impact the Bento skeleton will have on performance. It seems the significant impact is not from how many bones there are but how many bones a mesh is rigged to… and for animation how many joints are animated, which is why they have a limit on number of joints being animated in an animation upload.

The thinking is that the new bones won’t significantly affect video cards. Cards that already have problems, think the Intel HD graphics chips, will still have problems but won’t be ‘much’ worse…

Once Bento goes to RC on the main grid they’ll get more data from more types of systems and may be find they mis-estimated and have to change something. But, that is not anticipated.

In the not too distant future, they will decide they are done with skeleton and decide they have made it legacy compatible enough to release it to the main grid.

Lindens expect the Bento RC Viewer to be a long RC Project period. That is because the change touches so much of the SL system, but the Lindens hope it won’t be as long as QG viewer’s RC life.

Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version, people are working on it and hope to have a release soon. They are committed to getting it working. But, the Rift SDK keeps changing. There are some parts of the viewer’s Rift render that aren’t working. So, they are fixing.

It is interesting that the wording is now ‘people’ are working on the viewer. I may be reading too much into the wording.

Web Widget

TM 12:00 – There is a new widget coming for web sites that post SLURL’s or URL’s to the maps page. It is called a Teleport Widget. It is a JavaScript that will go into the web page. When a SLURL or map link is set to class teleport the script looks to see if the computer running it has a viewer installed. If so, it starts the viewer and sends it to the in-world location pointed to by the SLURL or map link. If not, it brings up the Second Life maps page, I think I have that right.

If you have more than one viewer, the app will use the viewer the OS thinks is the handler for that type of link. On Windows that is usually the last viewer installed, unless you have specifically changed that protocol handler. On Mac it uses the viewer with the highest version number.

The script has no dependencies other than JavaScript. So, the JQuery-CEF problem won’t be a problem for those of us that will want to use the script.

It is Sherbert Linden that is working on the project. Soon there will be a SL Wiki page about the widget with instructions on how to get it and use it. Also, there will be a Tools and Technology post when the widget goes live.

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