Second Life News Week 12


Second Life’s main channel got an update to day (3/22). This is the RC package from last week, which is some Script Fixes and Minor internal improvements.

The RC channels are running the same package, no update this week.

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.."

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak..”


The main viewer updated last week to version, the Maintenance RC viewer with lots of fixes. 

RC Second Life HTTP update Viewer version – March 18

  • Asset upload (Images, Meshes, Animations)
  • AISv3 inventory manipulation
  • Viewer Managed Marketplace
  • Simhost event polling
  • LSL script compilation
  • Experience management (blocking, allowing, creating)
  • Plus a couple dozen listed fixes.

RC Second Life Quick Graphics Viewer version – March 11 (=I think start of Q&A. This updated sometime last week.)

  • Graphics Presets
  • Avatar Rendering Complexity Controls
  • Plus also a couple of dozed listed fixes, most to the new features

I was using the Maintenance RC and switched over to HTTP early last week. Today it insisted I update to of the HTTP.

Second Life Project Bento Viewer version – March 22, 2016

  • New spine joints. We were previously unable to add new joints between the joints of the original default avatar skeleton, because of a bug this triggered in rendering the default avatar. We believe this issue is now fixed, and the update includes four new spine joints: two between mPelvis and mTorso, and two between mTorso and mChest. By default these bones are folded up inside the current spine and will not affect the appearance of the avatar, but like other bones they can be repositioned in uploaded meshes, or animated.
  • New face bone root. The intent is that this additional face bone root can also be used as an extra neck bone if desired.
  • New center face bones. There are three new face bones along the mid-line of the face, two on the lips and one on the forehead.
  • New ear bones. The ears now have two joints each, allowing for floppy or otherwise more flexible ears.
  • An additional pair of limbs. We are adding two limbs of 3 joints each, plus a new root bone that they are joined by. These are named “Hind” limbs, but using the root bone it should be possible to relocate the limbs for various possible uses – for example, as additional hind legs, or as an extra pair of arms.
  • New wing “fan” bones. One additional bone for each wing is being added, and should now allow a simple fan as would be used in a bat-type wing.
  • Removing two wing root bones. Originally the wings were connected to a chain of 3 root bones. This was intended as a workaround for the inability to animate positions. Animating positions is now enabled, so we only need one wing root bone.
  • Various bone position changes.

Second Life Project Oculus Rift Viewer version – October 2014 – This is the Lucy and Charlie Brown football of viewers. I still believe we’ll see an update. It has apparently taken some time because it was being neglected for higher priority projects. We are told someone… (someONE?) …is working on this viewer now. I believe we will eventually see an update. When? That is a total unknown.

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